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I already have some ready for SF. How expensive is the beer over there? I heard that things are quite cheap in Poland. It's going to be a fun trip for sure. :)


Traditional polish beers in shop costs around 3zł (less than one dollar). In bars of course more expensive and it depends of place. Usually its from 10zł to 18zł (2,75$ to 5$).
Poland has a huge choice of local beers - industrial and crafted. If you are beer lover you will be in paradise ;-).



I see @markoslaw; those prices are pretty good. I'm from Romania, so both the prices but also the value of the currency is pretty similar. Another thing I'm wondering, how expensive is a coffee over there? In regular coffee shops, not those fancy Starbucks ones.

Thank you. I'm sure I'm going to love Poland. :)