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❓ Where are you traveling next?
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✔️End of our Hawaiian Adventure!
✔️Over 1 month, 4 islands: Kauai, Big Island, Maui and Oahu.
✔️ Highlights:
💎Stunning hikes in the Waimea canyon and Kokee State parks and the numerous striking green valleys around the islands.
💎The beautiful sheer cliffs of the Napali coast and the awesome helicopter tour we took!
💎The mesmerising underwater world…Special mention about our Manta rays experience and the beautiful Kapoho Tide Pools that are unfortunately being destroyed by the lava at the moment.
💎The incredible lava boat tour where was flowing in the ocean at kilauea volcano.
💎Some food highlights: poke bowls, acai bowls, shaved ice, Luau and the yummy banana bread on the side of the road!
💎The sunset and sunrise at incredible heights at Mauna Kea on Big Island and Haleakala crater on Maui.
💎The number of ridge trails we hiked on, including the pillboxes hike in Oahu and the Waihee Ridge Trail on Maui.
❤️ We are now together looking towards our next destination (photo taken at Pololu Valley on Big Island).
Next destination announced tomorrow!
✔️C’est la fin de nos aventures Hawaïennes!
✔️ 1 mois = 4 îles = Kauai, Big Island, Maui et Oahu
✔️Coups de coeur:
💎Les randos dans les vallées verdoyantes et les parcs nationaux comme celui du Canyon de Waimea.
💎Les paysages de Jurassic parc sur Kauai et le tour en helico
💎Les merveilles sous-marines.
💎La découverte d’un volcan en activité où nous avons pu observer la lave se déverser dans l’océan!
💎Les spécialités locales: Les bols de poke, açai, le luau et le délicieux cake à la banane sur les bords des routes.
💎Les couchers et lever de soleil incroyable a plus de 3000m d’altitude au sommet du Mauna Kea et Haleakala.
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