Love Letter For Beloved Daughter #1.WHEN THE SEED STARTS GROW

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My dear daughter, !!
Nobody knows what will happen in front later. Even when the eye blinks and breaths out of the mortal body is gone, We never know if there is still a chance again wink. We can't even guarantee yourself to just be able to catch the same breath on the next second, except with the permission of AllahSubhaanahu wa ta'ala gives His arms. And indeed, it is fate that has been guide you to this point. So that's what happened at that time. The time when the seeds of your parents' love are united in a sacred bond. Until Allah Subhaanahu wata'ala creates and growing the holy seed of the fruit of love with the rain of His love. Maintain and care for you from seconds to seconds in the arms of the uterus.
Then time it continued to pass until the day arrived when everyone around hoped to be anxious when they waited your presence. And to you, I want to say something the word of God Subhaanahu wa ta'ala about the presence of a person a child like you for me:
"And know that your property and your children are only as a trial and indeed with Allah's reward the big one. "(QS. Al-Anfal :28)
That is the fact! That your presence is very
The happiness is essentially just as a test and trial. And Allah has entrusted you in our care. Then, you must understand that for that heavy mandate requires an appropriate process. So when it's time to take responsibility for you in front of Him, I will be able to smile proud of you. Furthermore, there is no other desire in me except for the ideals to bring you to the light provided by Him. Your future is even our own don't know that yet, you have to be able to get through well. And
special for you My dear daughter,..
Make everything that passed as a power to meet tomorrow that we clearly can't imagine.

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