Time traveling

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When thinking about "traveling in time" the only tool that I have now is my smartphones gallery and its pictures. It's a one way travel unfortunatelly towards past but it's an efficient one. I sometimes review some of my pics and try to remember how I felt at that time, what I was planning, what I was putting value on and what I disliked the most and I always find how much of a difference a year makes. When making plans and thinking of the future a year seems such right around the corner, but when I actually go through it and then review it with all its curves, ups and downs I realize that it's not a straight road as I often supposed and it's not even meant to be that way.
Pretty similar with the crypto markets which don't seem to go straight up or down in a line. Yeah...one year has a lot to say and much unexpected in its bags.

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It is good to have technology such as a holiday with your phone