Splinterlands Sunday!:  Splinterships Pilot Program

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The hype around Splinterlands has definitely been at its high as of late as the ecosystem and community continues to evolve. Not only have most of the assets available from the development team been sold out already, but the community continues to grow as more communities continue to join. The demand for cards is surely at an all time high but the supply of players continues to increase. We all know how challenging it can be to start as a new player in the game but it is well worth the effort and time after the long haul.

In the last AMA, the team introduced the Yield Guild Games (YGG) community to the ecosystem. This community comes with over 1,000 members that have been strong advocates and players for blockchain games across the space. They mentioned the way they have create scholarship programs which allow new players to learn and earn by playing the game with assets from the community. After spending a couple of days reading and thinking, I thought I could take a shot at trying to create a similar program. I am not the inventor of the name but "Splinterships" is a wonderful name for a similar scholarship program for Splinterlands.

I am still preparing my Collection for the future evolutions and expansions of the ecosystem but believe this could be a good way to engage with the community to enabled more growth and value creation. My thought of sharing in this post is to also be open to feedback on how to improve as I am still thinking of this as a pilot that should improved on. In addition, I am not a technical expert on coding so everything I am suggesting below will be done manually which will make processes slow. Lastly, I am still learning the aspect of these scholarship programs from YGG so if anything proposed is deemed against the community, I will be happy to review and adjust (or back out completely) as I am not trying to compete but instead foster growth amongst the communities.

Account Upgraded.png

First Account is Ready to Go!

My Role within the Splintership Program

  • I will create HIVE account(s) which will be under my control (i.e. private keys)
  • I will purchase Summoner's Spellbooks for account(s)
  • I will delegate 100 HP to account(s)
  • I will delegate a broad and diverse set of cards to the account(s) for ranked and tournament play
  • I will delegate 25 HP to player HIVE account for 30 days (can be extended based on activity and performance) once they purchase a Summoner's Spellbook for their own account using my referral link
  • I will provide Posting Keys of Splintership account to player
  • Posting Keys will change when player graduates and new player begins


Player's Role as "Splintern"

  • Sign Up for Splinterlands account via referral link
  • Submit request on the comment section of this post (please share your blockchain gaming experience in case demand is high)
  • Will be provided Posting Keys to play on behalf of Splintership account
  • Remain active and complete daily quests
  • Use HIVE Keychain extension for best security of keys
  • Post Seasonal Report Card from @kiokizz tool to determine Seasonal rewards to transfer

Total Ranked Play Rewards.png


Example of DEC Equivalent Value from my last Season

Rewards Split

  • Player will receive 70% of the DEC equivalent value of rewards based on Season Report Card post
  • DEC Reward will be send from my main account
  • All rewards from splintership account will be transferred at the end of each Season to my accounts once DEC reward is sent
  • SPS Air Drops will be retained by splintership account not player
  • Graduation (once player purchases their own Summoner's Spellbook) gift of a free Untamed Booster Pack

As with many pilot programs, I would imagine that changes will be needed to accommodate the best processes for all involved. I will continue to update as feedback is shared and I continue to see what others are considering with this latest influx of players from YGG. In the meantime, feel free to reach out by commenting on this post or via the platforms I list below. I am located in the Americas so consider time zones when expecting a timely response.

I would really like to see more players join and enjoy what the community and developers have created with Splinterlands. I hope that this could be the opportunity that some have waited for to give it a try as most of us in the community seek to attract more players to build on our experiences. Given the feedback we provide, we have all been improving the game which will soon continue to expand into new ways to engage with player around the world!

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