Crypto Traders Survive.......

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What.....the.....omg..... I see red across the board, but looks like we all are seeing red as matter of fact. Bitcoin slides, Ether glides and Ripple.... ripples downwards. What else, looking at my list of twenty favourites actually all are in the downtrend.

But as much as I do not like this trend, it is a good thing for traders I guess. A stagnant market value brings less profit as compared to a volatile market. High risk equals higher gains? I am not a professional trader so please do correct me if I'm wrong.

All I know is my funds are ready. Ready for action. As crypto slides, opportunities for investing opens up. The basic law..... go in low get out high. How low is low and how high is high beats me. That's where the fun in investing comes in.

Changes in the market is what drives the crypto traders survival. After all there is no fun in looking at numbers that don't budge.

Setting target to enter ETH at usd$180 perhaps?


this is the best time to hedge it .... or you could try out bitmex ... up or down can win =) just wrote about this today

Yeah should give it a go. If I win I'll buy you a drink :)

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