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Steem MASTERCLASS with bitrocker2020

in steemxp •  13 days ago

Today is the first day of Steemit Masterclass kota kinabalu.

@bitrocker2020 our witness himself came and shared his knowledge on steemit.

Didnt regret because we didnt know how deep steemit is and the vast amount of applications being developed by all the other developers out there to make steemit worth invest in.

Also we receive a gift from bitrocker2020 STEEMFEST November 2018 Krakow sticker hehe

Proof of sticker :)

Also a preview for you all out there on what we will learn tomorrow

This is some of the application that bitrocker2020 showed us for the day 2 of what we will learn tomorrow morning.

i guess thats all for now.

as always take care and keep safe.

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