A great celebration for 2019/ 美好的2019倒数

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It is a great night to be with great companion to countdown for another year that I never expected that my brother and the whole family was just right beside the bar that we was sitting on for the countdown.


due to we arrive earlier was way just too crowded so we decide to go to the skybar but the moment we reached the skybar it was only for the people's who have done their reservation then we quickly rush down to the waterfront with the heavy rain condition by parking quite far that need to walk quite some distance due to more cars were coming.


Gosh was so blessed we got a parking though it was a bit far but we manage to found a place and enjoyed the fireworks and the didn't missed out for the countdown.


Time just flies in a blink of eye and now we are in a new chapter first page of year. It is just too fast that even hard to believe that 2018 is ended.


We are having fun at waterfront and it is very crowded when we arrived there. Almost when we sat down and ordered a beer, it is almost five minutes away to the countdown for the new year 2019.


How was yours new year countdown celebration my dear fellow steemians?Would like to wish everyone here have a blessed 2019new year ahead with health with wealth and everything can work smoothly on your working station.


the bar that we found a place to sit.

see the crowd? Look at the left side starts till the end

it is finally 2019 and hopefully it is a great year

great ambience

even raining crowd is still celebrating under the rain with they umbrella😅

Thank you for 2018 lesson and hopefully it will smoothen my 2019


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😄@lizachong 大雨是來倒數祝賀2019年會更好,新年快樂一起加油

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