New Chinese Water Calligraph Technology

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I brought my kids to visit Popular bookshop. While browsing the books, I saw an interesting thing layed on the demo table. So I walked over and had a looked at it.

The paper was basically written with normal Chinese black ink but no were bottle of ink placed there!? I only found a brush in a water cup. So out of curiosity I tested it... To my surprised, the water became black ink where it touches the paper!! 😲😲😲

I then had a checked at the paper. Again to my surprised its not paper, its some kind of canvas cloth but yet not at all. According to the manual in those exercise books, the written word will be dissapear once the water dried up.... this is really WOW!!! This is totally new to me and its paperless!! You can practise as many time as you want! Its cool!!

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Clever! I wonder if these are available in Europe

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Not sure but its kinda cheap though

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