What is going on with Steemworld?

in steemworld •  last month 

The data seems corrupted.
Are you getting the same results?

That is not the link to the post.
This comment is definitely not an author reward.

I just don't know what to do with this data.

Put your ideas below in the comments.
Or don't.
It's up to you.

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Yes...I've noticed seemingly skewed data on steemworld as well, and almost posted about it 'questioning' hoping for an explanation from someone in the know, but decided against it, and took a seven day break away from the annoyance instead.

Did you notice the 'typical' external steem price being listed at ten-to-twenty cents'higher' then can be found on any of the popular exchanges as well?

I haven't checked the data against what steemd has been posting though...you?


Yes, it looks like Steemchiller was changing how the data was delivered, i think it is fixed now.

The price thing was throwing me, too.
I use coingecko for the exchange option on sw and was getting different answers other places.
If there was actually that much disparity in price, you can bet folks will move quickly to bring that exchange back into line with the others.
It's free money.
If you can quickly move between exchanges.


Steemchiller was changing how the data was delivered, i think it is fixed now.

Thanks for the info FBA...Mucho apreciado amigo.

I've seen a couple of strange things myself over the last day or two. It's only been intermittent, so maybe @steemchiller is doing some testing of new features?


I'm betting stinc is at the root of it.
Api freaking out, or something.