Introducing Myself in SteemWomensClub

Although I’ve been here in Steem for more than 3 years now, I’m still very happy and excited to introduce myself in this community that I just recently heard, the @steemwomensclub. I made this post so that the community will be acquainted with me starting today, and will know me better as a woman in my succeeding articles.


I am Ellen, the generous not Degeneres, from the Philippines. My family and most of my friends call me as it is, no nickname. However, my former colleagues named me “Lottie” ( from the famous anime series Princess Sarah) because aside from the fact that I’m petite, they said that I’m such a cry baby. But like Lottie, I can be brave when needed for my loved ones.





In addition, we had a workmate, Sarah is her real name, that I’m very close with.

I’m a Registered Nurse here in our country. Sadly, I’m no longer practicing my profession due to some health issues occured last year. I stopped so that I can focus on my wellness. While staying at home, I was able to discover and pursue my passion.

I’m 31 years old and happily married to @atongis — my best friend and teacher when it comes to cryptocurrencies and technologies. I turned into a real woman we got married haha. What I mean is, I became stronger, more confident, responsible, and practical. But I’m still on my journey of discovering myself more.


More About Me

  • I’m a minimalist and like to keep things simple. I’ve been adhering to this kind of lifestyle for around 4 years.

  • I love listening to music and engaging myself in singing to relax. I can play the piano a bit. And, I love to release my energy through dancing.

  • Using my phone, I’m developing my skills in photography. You can check my outputs in my previous posts.


  • I love reading books and other literatures (both printed and electronic). It greatly helps and improves my comprehension and vocabulary.

  • For the same reason, I also love watching movies and videos with good substances.

  • Except when not feeling well, I like to keep myself busy in doing things that I love especially organizing my stuffs. Sounds odd but yes I’m very obsessed with cleanliness and tidiness. It’s my way to detach myself from anxiety and stress.


  • When I got married and during this pandemic, I unlocked my skills in cooking— mainly Italian, Mediterranean, and Filipino dishes. I love doing it especially for my husband. All I wanted is to have our own house or own kitchen someday.


  • I can do my own makeup, but I prefer less or not to wear cosmetics. I choose to be natural and simple.


  • My favorite sports are table tennis and cycling.


  • I don’t know everything, but I’m not afraid to try new things and explore above my horizon. I have tried making clothes, cutting my mom’s hair during this pandemic, and the recent is carpentry. Girl Power!


  • What else? These all for now. I don’t know what to say anymore. 😅

Thank you @steemwomensclub. It’s a great privilege to be a part of this growing community. I’m very excited to interact and learn ideas from other amazing beautiful women.

And of course, to @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemcurator05, @booming1, and @booming04 who have supported many Steemians with quality contents, Thank You...



Hello! Nice intro, sabi ko sa sarili ko parang may connection ka kay @atongis tama nga ako. Welcome to the club wonder woman.

hello po crypto granny ☺️ nice to see you here po. yup, mister ko po sya hehe. salamat po sa pag welcome ☺️😃

Welcome Sis to the Steem Women Club Community! galing ng mga kuha mo na photos.

And yes we. women love to try new things talaga.

thank you, nice to meet u po 😃

Welcome to the steemwomenclub! Nivmce to see you here.

yes ma’am, salamat po ☺️

yey ... love your photographs...

i hope i can also create an intro to this community soon...

thank you. yes you can do it too! Can't wait to see it 😃

Welcome po maam. ☺️

thank u maam 😌

Wow what a great post, just read a blog created by you for the first time and I can see so much potential in you, I wonder if ano tama, mana ka kay @atongis o mana siya sa yo hehe

Good luck with this and more power!

haha may mga bagay na mas may knowledge sya kaysa sakin. ganun din naman sa akin. we complement each other 😁

thank you 😊

Hello and welcome to our Beautiful women Community. I am happy to see you among us. I will share your introduction in the weekly report. In this community, women support each other. Because our slogan of biizm is 'WE ARE STRONG TOGETHER'. You can join our Discord channel. I also choose 5 high quality posts every day to send to the curators. You can win both by preparing quality posts and competitions :) You can win a fixed monthly prize by delegating at the same time. If there is any problem, you can reach me on discord channel. :)

Thank you for the warm welcome and noticing my introductory post for the community 🙂 As I have said it’s a great privilege to be part of this. I can’t wait to joined the good competitions and interacting with other strong women. Again, thank you 😃

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