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RE: Introducing a brand new Steemvoter!

in #steemvoter2 years ago

Hey, thanks! Hope to answer your questions below:

  1. Current voting rule will use a fixed voting power which you control. We are planning to release a separate rule type which will allow for automated VP scaling based on curator's vote strength sometime during the beta, stay tuned for updates.

  2. Post Stream will normally take precedence since it would be processed first from the blockchain, however this is not entirely guaranteed or enforced since the system is made to be asynchronous by design. In case post Stream fails for any reason it will skip it and run the next available vote. Also note that Streams will always take precedence over Guilds.

  3. Tag includes / excludes are a premium feature of Guilds and are available today - you can set up your own private guild (it will not be listed publicly) and specify the tag based rules when setting guild Curators.

  4. Thanks, will look into that.

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