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RE: Steemvoter Guild: "Nominate-a-Friend" for the Guild Vote (Monday July 10)

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I am realy tired from people who every day come and ask me to upvote them comments here , i think your sistem for pic a winner is ....unfair. I see you get huge amount of votes but on end you still vote for JUST 1 MINNOW . How this is helpful ? Also if you so much like the posts submited here WHY YOU NEVER RESTEEM ANY ONEof this POSTS ?


hi @patelincho and @newflash I would like to explain how this works. Someone will pick a post that consider nice to share so will come here and will promote this post. The top pile of the list will be selected.
The % of vote received is very low in the way that will not affect the VP. Each 2 days 1 or 2 people will be the lucky one to be selected. IF 2 the % will be split in 2 parts so won't affect. I.e. if the voting power will be 20% and 2 winners.... 10% each.
I don't think this is a bad initiative, opposite I think it is very cool. I won a couple of time in 2 months.

Now the concept is to ask YOUR FRIENDS to support your post if they like it.

Not to go to anyone else begging for vote that is honestly boring and disgusting. As you get beg I do

People needs to understand that they don't have to beg for vote but let the nice contest win without send messages begging to people with who they have never chatted before.

Regarding the affirmation @patelincho said where it is always the same person winning.... I don't agree.

Yesterday won a guy called Salva82 that I consider having a good post regarding a trip in Italy.
Last night I was proposing the post of a guy that I have never chatted with only because I liked it and steemvoter could help him growing up in this platform.

Every one selected CAN'T BE VOTED AGAIN within 7 days. So I suppose it is fair as system.

I dont say any of this you point about ..... i say its unfear to get post upvoted with 500$ and shere upvote with one people wort 200$ . Also i say i dont count the sistem fair because many people are follow buy trails you can see my coment is trending right ? You think is fair ? I dont .... I think the steemvoter gain to much for what give to the people ! About win ok congrats you desurve it anyway . For the money this post gain at last one person or several can read and HUMMAN select the winners .....

Let me see if I can address some of your concerns. Steemvoter is a business, and like any business we need to be compensated for the valuable service we provide our customers. These self votes are how we are able to sustain our business and keep Steemvoter free for everybody.

Guild votes, on the other hand, are a community service, provided by us as a way for our users to give back to the community. As such, they are completely optional and many of our users do choose not to contribute to the guild votes, which is why they give less than our self payment votes. Also there are 2 guild votes, each split with half the voting power. We used to select only 1 guild winner, which did receive a higher sum of money, but felt it was better to spread the benefits out to more winners at the cost of diluting the vote.

Winners are selected manually, and we do actually read the winning posts so we can write a summary of them. We reserve the right to disqualify a nomination and select a different winner if we feel the post won unfairly or is inappropriate (as we mention in our rules above).

Regarding vote trails and upvote bots, this is just part of the way Steemit works. We do not disqualify such things because really we have no way of stopping people from using them. Trying to disallow them would cause more problems than it would solve, and make it extremely difficult for us to police nominations.

I am realy tired from people who every day come and ask me to upvote them comments here

If people are bothering you, simply ignore them or downvote them and I suspect they will learn to leave you alone.

Thank you for answer i dont acuse you for selfvoting , not at all every one is free to chose the way . You provide good services also ( never try but other people did ) .
Voting trails and bots are part of steemit because of the people ( i wish some day we will be bots free , my personal opinion ). About the rule ... the most voted comment will win .. is totaly unfear ( you can se how easy my comment is trending ) You get like 20 submisions per day JUST pic the winner with humman way . ( again my opinion ).
And last you say you will like to help this people - giving a one upvote per day , and you actualy like the post , why than you never resteem one of this autors ?
Also about the winnings from this posts every day - Are they added to support running the bot service ?

I will answer... I do never re-steem posts just because I don't like it. I suppose people do the same. Re-steeming will increase your curation reward once someone of your feeds will up vote the post too. I mean I am sure it is more complicate of how I describe it but if u check posts... there are people just re-steeming posts and others just writing posts. I do write a lot.
Regarding the voting trails and bots I am afraid steemit is plenty of them and before I use to be followed having good rewards... now with the HF19 several of them are not following me not because I am writing shitty posts but because they can use the VP in other way, such as self-voting and I can do a list of nomes or voting just their friends/other account they created etc etc.

Steemit evolves day by day and will evolve soon again once (I hope will not happen) Steem will fall down again to 10 cents.

Just to clarify I have nothing to deal with steemvoter and I am not earning any % with it (I wish I could) but because I have used and being nominated 2-3 times I feel I have to give you an explication

I hope about the prise of steem also , i resteem posts because i think they are worth and maybe some of my followers will be intrested to chek them .

I know you and I know you do re-steem a lot. Others like me... doesn't.

fingers crossed for steem value

The way we pick winners is not perfect, but it has been working pretty well up to this point. Rather than impose our own subjective views, we prefer to let the community decide who should win.

We do not resteem winning posts because it doesn't fit in with the theme of our blog. Many people find resteems to be spammy, especially if they are about topics that are of no interest to someone scrolling through their feed to see what's new. We believe our followers are naturally interested in Steemvoter, and so that is the topic we keep our blog focused on. From time to time we do resteem high quality posts that are directly related to Steemvoter.

Payouts from our posts are used for several things: powering up the @steemvoter account for our own voting, paying business expenses, and paying the salaries of our employees.

Hay my name Eugene im one of the minnows that entered contest that you are runing im fallowing you i need some help from the community.Maybe my post suck or im just so new to Steemit. I dont know ,
I keep posting and steeming on it's very nice of you to help out newbies like me God knows that we need all the help we can get,@getpaid777

Maybe you can get some help in discord :)

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