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RE: Steemvoter and MinnowBooster are joining forces

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Awesome, nice work expanding the scam so you can continue to rape the reward pool and take advantage of everyone using your service! Don't worry though, soon you won't be earning any rewards on your posts!!


The customers are made aware of the use of small portion of thevotes , and if they dont agree they just can discontinue delgating SP or renting , I fail to see how this would be a scam in any form

This a free market where people Rent out and acquire SP which i used to earn rewards , to restrict the free market regarding the promotion of content would be actually be harmful to the network

Also a necesary condition for a scam would be deceiving customers about how the service works , there is no deception and the rules are explained clearly . In fact this post is doing so , and being open with the community

A " free market " but not an open one. As a minnow looking for delegated power you can only purchase it at one price currently. Apparently the "UI" does not yet offer the facility to set your own price. Seems everything else made it onto the UI.

Currently renting the amount of SP that would give $1.50 per 100% upvote costs 400 STEEM. At 10 votes per day that's a total of $15 available to distribute per day, over the course of 4 weeks = $420 when 400 STEEM is currently worth $500.

So your claim that " minnowbooster " is deceiving nobody is untrue because the name itself is deceiving. Even the most selfish minnow voters won't get a boost from this. This only boosts the delegators who are giving the STEEM.

That only makes it non profitable / a bad decision to use. And well , a name is just that a name for the product to be recognized, like anyone from a business would tell you

It doesent probably live up to the expectation of boosting people , but there is no ill-intent and it delivers the vote power acquired so i dont see it as deceiving

The numbers will vary with the steem value , Its just a underperforming marketing tool right now and that may vary

Also , in terms of money it might make a loss for people buying the votes . but it still gives the users exposure and increases the post ranking , so maybe if they focused on that aspect and not revenue it could work out

The name is undeniably misleading. Just because their intentions aren't bad doesn't make it ok to mislead. I am not referring to the vote buying bot but the delegation market. They could very easily implement an open market to allow competitive prices but it seems a competitor will have to do so before they do.

Currently there are no orders on the market which is enough evidence to me for a demand for better prices.

I agree it would be good to allow people to specify their own prices, but as @reggaemuffin pointed out that is hard to do. We are working on it.

As to your other point, there were 20+ orders on the market a few days ago. They all got filled and just haven't been replaced with new ones yet. We currently have 300,000+ SP delegated with around 300 order fills, so the initial offering is proving quite popular.

We will continue to refine the service as we go along. Thanks for sharing your concerns.

Thank you for tolerating my complaints. Currently I'm helping out where I can in the discord. If it's ok with you I might suggest a simple change to the UI if I figure out an easier way to understand price.

Happy to change the UI if you have suggestions :) Just hit me up on discord if you have a plan.

We already had free pricing and people got madly confused. I already told you that in the discord, no need to talk trash...

If you can code up a good UI that makes selecting the price intuitive (and define a default price if the user does not select one), then I could right now enable it.

If not, congratulations, please give it time we are currently working on it.

Edit: We enabled the pricing again and @beanz will help out with support a bit :)

Watch out for on247. He's a scammer

Can you elaborate?

Absolutely. He has made multiple accounts in minnowsupport to exploit the bots and upvote every comment he makes. I've banned at least 8 accounts that are linked to his on247 account. Even after asking him to stop and he said he would, he continued to make more. He's trying to game the system.

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I believe that you are trying to give minnows like me, a leg-up (I really only have one, one amputated Lol.) as you describe what you are doing, as being like "a veritable Swiss Army knife of tools to give any Steemit user (not only minnows) a welcome boost on their way to success", I need assistance of any kind, so thank you. Regards, Andre'

Says the guy who makes multiple accounts on minnow support to exploit the bots. You definitely know deception. on247