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Alpha preview / Proof of concept

  • Searches posts for youtube references and makes a video wall
  • Slick lightbox video player for quick video viewing
  • Upvote steemit posts via steemconnect vote widget
  • All processing is currently done in browser using steemjs

Still to come

  • Compatibility with more video sites
  • Post previews
  • Better sorting options (currently alphabetical by author only)
  • Longer history (more videos)

Screenshot - Trending and Bookmarked tags

Screenshot - Browsing pizzagate videos

Screenshot - Video playing

Open Source

Like almost everything I make for steemit , this is open source on github :

Test it out !

Have a look and let me know what you think !
It is an extremely early version , and very limited for now but with a proper backend db tracking youtube references I think there's some potential here :)

The site is live already at :

Lets connect !
steemit / twitter / / keybase
I also made :
steemviz / steemvids / steemcap / steemleak / promo

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we just need something that RECORDS all comments, private messages and vids and cannot be fucked with!. It is stupid us loading all our activism straight up to our deluded controllers so they can then just censor and frustrate us to death

Hey, please get ahold of me so we can talk about how to spice this up and get it independent of Youtube!


Will do, for the time I'm not sure the video hosting issue is a problem I want to take on myself..
Furion fundraised thousands for this purpose before putting it in the too hard basket , you had a go and got no feedback and I've been sitting on this domain since I first joined and just wanted something to be usable now..

Sweet! As a YouTuber who monetizes videos with steemit, I WILL USE THIS.



Would be great if we could upvote from there.

It would also be nice if steem were to develop a login using steemit, same as login with facebook but that would share your posting key with 3rd party services.
Anyway, having you posting key handy will become a must have soon with all the 3rd party apps coming out.


I played with steemconnect voting but removed it for now because I couldn't make it display nicely whilst keeping the interface minimalist .. It'll go back in soon once I find a better way to display the info


Re-added the steemconnect vote widgets, it's not pretty but it works for now

I am so glad to see this update on a project that will be so beneficial to us all here on this platform. Thank you for sharing.

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)