SteemVids alpha update

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I've pushed some minor updates to the alpha version of SteemVids :

  • Added the new logo thanks to @malicered
  • Now displaying both the youtube title, and the steemit title
  • You can click usernames to search their recent posts and resteems for videos
  • Primary tags are now displayed and are clickable to browse recent videos
  • Other bugfixes and aesthetic tweaks as per @malicered's style guide (More to come)
  • Bookmarked new tags : openmic , minnowsupport , teamaustralia

This is still only the client-side javascript version connecting directly to steemd , I just couldn't wait to show off the new logo from @malicered :)

This is what the results look like now :

Check it out at

Open source on github

twitter / / keybase / / patreon
steemviz / steemvids / more tools / post index
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And this is the official account where I will be resteeming relevant posts , and eventually using it to store all user preferences on chain :)

Interesting. I hope to see this advance.

Question, will there be the ability to upload videos directly to "steemvids" and if yes, will those be able to embed on the blockchain articles the way YouTube videos do?


I don't plan to deal directly with video hosting, but I'll support as many platforms as I can including #viewly embedding (which uses video hashes on-chain + IPFS)

Nice updates, I like the new logo as well!

Malicered is awesome!
He designed the logo for my steemit series and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone!

@ausbitbank Looks awesome! Great update to be able to see via username the recent posts and resteems.

Wow, pretty nice work!

Congratulations to the winner
And I will now take part in your next contest for sure 😇
Thank You for sharing @ausbitbank

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This is a pretty good way to access some videos related to cryptocurrency and other topics pretty quickly.
I really like the video cards. Clear and consice.
Superb logo design @malicered!

The Website looks great; I see two columns, would it be possible to add a third column across so that the videos look more uniform across.

Nice work ...

That's is wonderful post.well done my dear.keep it up.upvoted

Nice post man.

As always @ausbitbank sir, you have done a great job for steemit community. This platform would help a lot to watch videos by simply searching them using tags. You're doing great as always and I would always support all your initiatives. Steemvids is cool .
A big thumbs up for your work .


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Good post. Very informative and useful to readers. I like the logo and updates. Got really good information. This is really of great benefit to Steem community. Will continue to follow post.

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Waiting for final launch. Thanks for bringing this update to us. I appreciate all people who are involved in this project.

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OH! Didn't know about steemvids! So how does it work? Is it a new platform to upload videos?

Amazing initiative

awesome !

Hell yeah! Thank you for all your hard work @ausbitbank. Anonymity is the foundation of freedom.

Great post. Thank for your information. Interting for try it @ausbitbank. Maybe your can share for me how to use it? Follow me and vote post

Really great updates and the logo for video looks cool :0)
Thank u for sharing

thanxs for advise sir this the official account...i am knowing but during this time server is very busy...

Awesome Logo I want one too ...

awesome post and updates as well. really like it. thanks for sharing:)

Malicered is magnificent!

He outlined the logo for my steemit arrangement and I would totally prescribe him to anybody!

Good work my friend, thanks mike

Nice updates my friend!

Hi @ausbitbank,
I see you recently uprooted my post on my 8 year old son's budget. Thanks so much!!
Just thought I'd return to favour :)
Great work on SteemVids too - looking good :)

Great that looks fresh !! a refreshing touch

Fantastic work @ausbitbank, it's quick to load and has very snappy response times. I especially like the trending tag cloud at the bottom, that's a great way to explore videos by topic.

Pretty damn slick for an alpha.

"well played old chap" said the pipe smoking baby

Congratulations @ausbitbank!
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nice one