Entry to Monday Photography hosted by @steemusa (One for the ladies!)

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A last minute entry to @steemusa's Photo Challenge Monday ; https://steemit.com/steemusaphoto/@steemusa/5gnrq3-monday-photography-challenge-hosted-by-steemusa-steemusaphoto.

Photograph must be something to do with the USA (nature, place, etc.)

WARNING, NAKED MEN! (is that even allowed in the USA?)
I might get disqualified for this one...

So here is a photo of my friend, Jerome (who is very American..!) in the desert in Arizona, along Route 66.
No he is not posing, he is just climbing around the desert.. naked.


This photo was taken by me while driving around USA in a schoolbus with my friends in 2013. Those were times...!

Bonus picture!

I couldn't figure out which of these two photos to choose, so here is my other naked hot friend, same desert, same time..!

And oh, there was another female there too, more dressed though

Thank you for stopping by.. see you tomorrow!


You win the contest. As far as I can see...

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haha, thank you!

I am dumbfounded. I was there for many years and never saw anything like this - much less photographed!

this desert is so enchanting!! Was really magical to wander around in it! It's probably some national park, but I forgot where exactly it was.. But as far as I remember we were following the Route 66!

Wow. Cool pictures!! I love the first one! They all are great, but that one is the most striking, I think. That must have been a fun trip!!

yes that's my favorite too! It was great thank you!

I guess the question stands in my brain... Why do they want to climb around naked? I don't have a problem with it... I just find it a little bit interesting. I know they wouldn't be the first men or women for that matter to do so. I just find it curious! Nice job!

The desert just had that perfect temperature and I guess the wish to be as much in touch with nature as possible :D And then the fact that there was no other people around, makes it just feel like complete freedom! I think those would be my arguments, though as far as I remember I was dressed myself on this trip (haha, I didn't have any pictures of myself, but I think I remember being dressed ;D ;D)

Great artistic nudes. And no matter the gender it is to be appreciated by everyone. 😉

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