Steem Tuner invitation contest Week # 01

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10 weeks Steem Tuner Invitation contest. Invite more people in Steem Tuner . Top inviter will get rewards of amount 3 sbd in every week.


Sponsors: @mdshahin786, @towhid, @sifatsarker

Prize money : 3 sbd

Competition Duration: 27th April 2018 to 29th june 2018
Rules :

Every participant must has to be a member of STEEM TUNER discord channel
Make post every day of Steem Tuner invitation contest entry till the end of 10 weeks Challenge.
Participant has to be present in a live class every friday at discord channel here at 8 pm Bangladeshi Time Zone
You can make a post every day with STEEM TUNER INVITATION CONTEST blog. If you win one day you have to be on live channel class every friday.
For your entry you must have to present in live class at friday.

If you didn't win, you can write a new post every day for entry in the challenge. Put your link in this discord channel

  1. Must Upvote this post.
  2. Must Resteem this post.
  3. Make a Entry post just like this and must present in live class at friday.
  4. Make a Contest post and mention you own Steem Tuner Invitation link in your blog
  5. Put #steemtuner in main tags of your post
  6. Put @mdshahin786 and this competition link in your post for other competitors
  7. Must use your own words in contest post
  8. Share your entry post in #invitation-contest channel at friday duraning live session.
  9. minimum 50 invites to qualify
  10. join discord channel and register there then interact there
  11. you must be a registered user and make 5000 conversation in general chat.

you must also follow these steps too

  1. must follow as @mdshahin786
  2. Create own invite post at your blog on Steemit with same rules and pictures
  3. make your own invitation link from our steem tuner discord channel

Note: Rules are Strictly monitoring by authority. so follow all the rules carefully.

Maximum winning is two time

• If you didn't win that day you have another chance to write new post entry every day until the end of 1 weks Steem tuner invitation contest.

• Every participant has to be a member of STEEMTUNERS discord channel.

• Make post every day of Steem tuner invitation contest entry till the end of 10 weeks Challenge.

• Participant has to be present in a live class every tuesday at discord channel here at 10 pm Bangladesh time zone

• Every participant has to include the link to a daily post of their Steemit blog in discord channel #Invitation-contest challenge

Please read this message carefully. the inspection will be strict.

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upvote follow resteem

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How to play? I don't understand.

I will contest,

I am allready put my link but who winner i dont know....

i hope this contest will be good for all steemians

Very good step to grow up this community. I'll participate. Not for winning this contest, also I will participate for growing up this community.