Follow @steemtorch to be notified when the Steem Torch is passed.

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If you haven't heard of the Steem Torch Experiment, I recommend reading @geekgirl's original post

I thought it would be fun to have an account that creates a new post whenever the Steem Torch has been passed.

So I created @steemtorch and I wrote a python script to watch the torch and create a new post on the @steemtorch account with the details of the exchange.

You can follow @steemtorch if you want to be notified when the torch has been passed.

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You sir are a Wizard!


Could not agree more!

Oh! 389.022 STEEM on 03/24/2019 already. :)


This is a fantastic experiment!

Thank you for doing this. It makes it much easier to follow the torch experiment!

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Thanks for this! I’ve been a faithful fan to our Steem Torch, following it wherever it goes and hoping that I’ll one day host it!

It takes me some energy checking the bearers and to know when they transfer the torch, but I’m happy that following @steemtorch will make it more easier for me to know it’s way about!

Thanks @themarkymark!

Let’s see how it works!

My shoutout to @geekgirl
@ezzy @rea

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What a great idea.