🔥 [Steem Torch] Got it from @deanliu and pass it on to @cn-malaysia 🔥 [Steem火炬实验] 下一棒:@cn-malaysia 🔥

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Thanks @deanliu for passing the Steem Torch to us on this really meaningful day --- Steem 3rd Year Anniversary.

@team-cn is so honor to be the #26 on this Steem Torch's list.
This means something to us since our first steem anniversary is coming in just 2 weeks.

For all the people who don't know who we are, and what we are doing, you can check these two posts to know us better.
Introduction of @team-cn
Please VOTE for team-CN! We bridge the gap!

In the incoming our 2nd Steem Year, we are working on something new to make steem a better place for newbies. Please follow us for more changes.

We are going to add 6.997 STEEM to the STEEM Torch to make it 388 STEEM since 8 is a lucky number in Chinese Culture.

Now, I'm passing this Steem Torch to @cn-malaysia which is also a great project helps to grow CN communinity in Malaysia. We has received a lot of supports from them since we started.


感谢刘美女@deanliu把STEEM火炬传给我们新手村@team-cn。还是在steem 3周年这个特别的日子。



总共收到来自刘美女381.003 STEEM的巨款。我们加了6.997 STEEM到这笔巨款里面,这样就有388 STEEM了。8是个吉祥数字嘛!



  • Steem Torch是由 @geekgirl受到比特幣閃電網絡類似項目啟發而發起的!透過一棒接一棒的轉移與增加資金,目的大概是希望展現我們區塊鏈社區成員的可信任與區塊鏈的效率
  • 每個收到Steem Torch轉帳的人,應該選擇一位他信任且還活躍的社區成員,把收到的資金轉給他,附上相關說明的memo,並且“不減少”整筆資金,增加也以1 STEEM為上限
  • 達到1337人次後,此人可以任意處置這筆資金,捐給慈善或是詢問社區如何利用都是可以的~~
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@minloulou 迷路 迎着泥石流 滑着帆船 念着软哥金句:"天下之大,大不过你缺的那块心眼。" 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~



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@team-cn 加油👍👍👍✊✊✊@cn-malaysia 加油👍👍👍💪💪💪


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@cn-malaysia 感谢@team-cn的支持

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👍讓 CN 區的火🔥炬越燒越旺傳遞下去

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Thanks for the trustworthiness @team-cn

Our community is getting more stronger and more unified; that’s our strength!

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