Celebrating more than 100 (!) apps & services for Steem registered! + updates + Top 10

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It's been a while since I wrote about SteemTools. I launched this service back in July after I had successfully launched some fun apps and the developer community built more and more apps for Steem. I decided to collect them on this site, which you can also conveniently find linked right here on Steemit in the right-side menu under "Steemit App Center".

Not writing about the service didn't stop me from adding new tools as they appeared on Steemit and people supplied them through the form. And all of a sudden the 100 apps mark has been passed!

Update: Sort by ranking

On the SteemTools website I had already added a third party (paid for) voting mechanism. This third party which also offers an API to retrieve all votes. I have now integrated the rankings (updated daily) in a function. By clicking the Trophy icon in the top of the site, the normally shuffled ordering of the apps, gets sorted by popular vote.

Top 10 most popular apps by vote

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cheers! @roelandp

Place Tool Creator
1. SteemStats @Jesta
2. SteemitX @Discombulated
3. SteemImg @Blueorgy
4. eSteem - Steem Mobile @Good-Karma
5. Piston @Xeroc
6. @Riverhead
7. Steem Paperwallet @Xeroc
8. Piston.web @Xeroc
9. Steem Whales @Heimindanger
10. RandomSteemit @Tyler-Fletcher
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I probably spend more time on steemstats than on steemit

Thanks so much!😄😇😄😇


Haha seems that @Xeroc is quite the busy coder :)


yes he made great tools which form the base of many other apps!

100 apps is a lot of apps!

IMHO these Steem Tools may represent the most significant potential for the future of Steemit. While Steem and the Graphene blockchain provide a solid basis for projects, the really nascent possibilities can explode out of the chute with imaginations running wild in the streets; stoked by the high powered fuel of open sourcing on a disruptive blockchain platform.

:) truly a decentralized open source platform, can't wait for more developers to join Steemit!

Thanks. I didn't know about the voting. I usually go direct to my few favorite ones

Awesome-ness! Keep up all the great work!

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When SteemFighter is ranked higher than something is very wrong with the the voting.

How about sorting by total payout of steempost containing that URL ?


it's what people voted for and maybe some apps have been listed shorter. Sorting by total payout would definitely bring steemfighter higher than steemdown :) but it is also an option yes. This is more 1 vote is equal, by payout is biased with amount of whales voted.

UV and RS!

This was a nice update and thing to see. I actually came to your blog looking to see what you were up to and if the problems had kicked you off my list like it has done to many others LOL.

Some of those I had not heard of yet or visited, and I recently browsed thru the SteemTools list.

Keep up your good work sir. Thumbs Up!

Wow so many I need to take time to look at more, thanks for the upvote Roeland.

Thank you for posting @roelandp. Appreciate this list, there were some known favorites and now some newly discovered.

Appreciate the upvote as well.
Happy Christ-mas to you and yours. Cheers.


Appreciate this post big time. Been looking for this kind of info. I'm still looking for a reference explaining how to trade steem on bittrex or poloniex. If you happen across this comment and if something comes to mind, I'd appreciate the lead. Cheers!

keep it going!

this is very cool, so have you made any apps that work with Steemit? i seen whats on the site, did you make these?

Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

Steemtools is nice but I disapprove the use of proprietary APIs in it.

thank you for the helpful post. And thanks a ton for extending your support and appreciation to my work :)