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RE: - List of Handy Bookmarklets for Steem

in #steemtools6 years ago (edited)

Hey! No problem. :) I use Steemit ↔ Steemd a lot so not surprising it was popular. Great bookmarklet.

Good catch! I've fixed the linebreaks in my local environment and will deploy it later today.

Regarding the image I'm thinking it's best to show an image of the bookmarklet in action if possible. The reason I used the GIFs for Steemit ↔ Steemd and Steemit GoToBlog was because there was no good way of capturing it in a screenshot. I can of course change Steemit CountDown to use the GIF as well if you think that suits it better. Just let me know. :)

Thanks again!


Thanks for the fix! Yes, I think Steemit CountDown should use the GIF too as that it what it is supplied with on SteemTools and the original post. Good work!

I've changed it to the GIF. :) Didn't do any cache busting so if you visit the site you may need to hard refresh to get the new version. Thanks again!

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