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SteemToolbar is a Google Chrome extension that will help you keep an eye on key indicators and allows you to permanently monitor these values while browsing the website.

SteemToolbar was initially introduced under the name “SteemitToolbar”. But per Steemit inc. request, I renamed it to SteemToolbar to comply with name usage permission. The Steem name is free to use whereas Steemit is the property of Steemit inc.
This Google Chrome Extension is my own work and is not released, endorsed, or reviewed by Steemit inc.

1. Setup

The extension is available here on the Chrome Webstore

Click on the “add to chrome” button

Click on the “Add extension” button.

For your information, the only data the SteemToolbar will read in your browser is the URL of the active tab. If the site address matches “”, then the extension will activate itself and displays the SteemToolbar.

Once installed, the SteemToolbar extension will appear as a small button on the right of your address bar. If you click on it, a configuration window will popup.

2. Configuration

2.1 Configure your account

After installing the extension, SteemToolbar will not display any Voting Power. You need to configure your account. To do this, click on the extension icon.

The configuration windows is displayed and you will be able to enter your account name.

Type your account name and hit ENTER when done. The toolbar will immediately updates itself and start to periodically show your Reputation and Voting Power.

SteemToolbar displays your reputation with 2 decimals and allows you to better know how far you are from your next level. This is especially useful for high reputation users

If you made a mistake when entering your account name, SteemToolbar won’t be able to retrieve your account information from the blockchain and will display an “Unknown User” error message.

2.2 Configure displayed values

You can choose which values to display in the SteemToolbar by checking or unchecking each of them. The SteemToolbar will be automatically updated according to your choice.

Voting power
Display your account’s current voting power. This value is updated every 3 seconds and its color will change depending on the voting power you left.

  • green if your VP is greater than 80
  • orange if your VP is greater than 60
  • red if your VP is lower than 60

Display last average market price of the STEEM token. The price is taken from several exchanges and averaged.

Display last average market price of the SBD token. The price is taken from several exchanges and averaged.

2.3 Steemit and Golos compatible

Golos is the Russian speaking brother of Steemit. This new feature is useful for people having an account on both Steemit and Golos.

You can now choose to display GOLOS and GBG token values as well.
Moreover, the extension will also work when browsing and display the voting power of your Golos account.

2.4 Configure your currency

When showing STEEM, SBD, GOLOS or GBG value, SteemToolbar can convert it to several currencies. Select the one that best fit your need and the display will automatically be updated.

You can display token values in :

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Chinese Yuan (CNY)
  • Korean Won (KRW)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Russian Rouble (RUB)
  • US Dollar (USD)

2.5 Configure the price variation

SteemToolbar will also show the price variation for the tokens you have chosen in relation to the associated currency. The comparison can be made on different time gap.

For example, if you choose 30 min, SteemToolbar will show the difference between the current price and the one 30 minutes ago.
If the new price is greater or equal than previously, the ratio will be displayed in green
If the new price is lower than previously, the ratio will be displayed in red

When you’re done configuring SteemToolbar, simply click outside the popup window. Your configuration will be automatically saved.

3. New features

3.1 Localization

SteemToolbar localization has been implemented and it supports the following languages:

  • English (this will the default language if you browser's language is not supported)
  • French
  • Russian
  • Spanish

3.2 Jump to exchange

SteemToolbar allows you to quick jump to the Bittrex exchange from any token displayed on the toolbar. Click on a token, and SteemToolbar will open a new tab in your browser with the related token market on Bittrex.

A quick and easy we to have a detailed overview of your favorite token on the market.

4. The Toolbar into action

On this screenshot, you can see that the toolbar is only visible on the tab browsing

At the time of the screenshot, my voting power was going low and displayed in orange.

5. Additional sites supported

As per @sneak request, Steemit Toolbar will also be activated on the following sites: and

Of course, this come on the of the activation on “

Next releases coming soon.

Some features are already planned for the next release

  • add more currencies for conversion
  • add more languages support
  • add more exchanges for quick jump
  • and many other ideas of which I do not yet speak to keep the surprise ...

If you have special requests or features you absolutely want me to add, do not hesitate to drop a comment. You can also contact me via or via Telegram (@VIM_arcange)

Thank you Steemians

Thank you to all the Steemians who sent hyper-enthusiastic comments in previous publications. I feel really encouraged to continue to improve SteemToolbar and add new features.

Thanks for reading!

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add more languages support

Let me know when you need some support for a german translation ☺


Would be cool! You contact me via Telegram or Thanks!


I'll have some time at the weekend. Will ping you at :)


OK. waiting ...

It would be great to have the same extension for Firefox. I'm not too comfortable with Google having detailed knowledge of every aspect of my life, so I try and stay away from Google products.


I'm running an android phone, so Google already knows quite a lot about me. Don't want to add to that.


We are working on porting it to Firefox add-on. Stay tuned


Excellent! Looking forward to checking it out.

Thank you for this toolbar and to bring every time new features. Continues like that. 😎👍

Amazing! This is worth it for the VP display alone! What a great tool

Thanks information.your post is very useful. but I can not understand yet, maybe have to read more focus again so I understand. is it like steemit too?


It is a plugin/add on for your chrome browser that allows you to see some detailed information about steem accounts and provides some additional support tools like a one click redirect to a marketplace.

Hope that was a correct summary @arcange 😂


Hope that was a correct summary @arcange

Perfect. Looks like I'm have my own PR now =)

Hey @arcange

The toolbar is really helpful. I am installing it straight away.

It would be very helpful to track my Steemit account. I would love to see what is our last blog published date, also social shares when we visit a blog post.

I love seeing these types of projects taking life. It makes Steemit both exciting and the place to be! Congratulations!


Thanks! =)


Very true !

I install this chrome extension. It is working like a Champ.

Wow, very impressive. I'll have to keep an eye on this / TY

@arcange, you are the best! In what language are you communicating with steem blockchain?


Binary :D


Seriously, i am a programmer, would love to interface with steem blockchain, what do you advise? Python, javascript?


These are both valid options.
I would advise to use the language you feel comfortable with.


That is SQL and that's why you are my hero providing steemSQL :-) But i can not post or vote with it and it will never be possible. Thank you for a serious answer Mr. Binary!

Excelente trabajo como siempre. Saludos.



Great tool, thanks!

Highly appreciate for your great work !!!

hey that's a great project i love that so now i don't have to go other sites to get stats.

Just added the extension loved it thumps up.



merci de partager @azziz

hey that's a great project i love that so now i don't have to go other sites to get stats. @azziz

Installing now and resteeming


Super! Thanks =)

Hola @arcange. A propósito de votarte como testigo hace unos minutos me encontré con esta publicación y esta magnífica herramienta que creaste. Hasta ahora he usado la extensión de Stemm Plus, pero ya agregué esta sencilla pero genial y muy útil Steem Toolbar a mi Chrome.

Me gustaría saber si puedo copiar y pegar este post y publicarlo en mi blog. Si puedo contar con tu permiso. Me parece excelente y necesario para muchos usuarios. Por supuesto, demás está decir que te mencionaría como el autor original. Además copiaría integro el artículo, por lo que no quedará duda de que no soy el autor original.

Un abrazo desde #Venezuela.