[Week 12 Recap] SteemSTEM PROMO - Insights, results and winners of 2.5 STEEM!

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Hello everybody!

Welcome to our Weekly Recap of SteemSTEM PROMO project. I'm honored to be in a position to promote our blockchain to 35k+ people on FB and hope to start onboarding more and more people.

If you're interested in joining STEEM Blockchain, feel free to read my post about STEEM Blockchain and Steemit. I also wrote a STEEM Starter Pack post for newbies and those who are still not on our blockchain.

We had quite turbulent time on FB where they banned me for a few days but everything turned out to be fine. We're continuing to promote Steem blockchain stronger than ever!

Let's see who represented us last week, week 12! In a few days, I will write a Monthly Recap and see where we at. I'm thinking about creating charts on Excel but I'll see if I will catch some time for that.

@ptsouth97 with this post on solar observations.

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@florae with this post about insomnia.

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@rhemakosi with this post about mathematics.

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@medro-martin with this post on radioactivity in our food.

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@inertia with this post on quantized inertia.

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Thanks everyone for creating great posts and promoting our blockchain! Let's hope we will attract people and build up our community! Sending 0,500 STEEM to you to thank you a bit more :)

Now, let's calculate the total of Week 12 and then, as usual, we're going to compare it with Week 11 and see how we did!


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13 5274861363

WEEK 12 compared to WEEK 11

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Maybe the numbers look a bit demotivating but last week we had a record post so it reflects on this comparison. Don't worry, you all did a great job and helped a lot!

Throughout next few day, I'm going to post who will represent us in Week 13 and also a Monthly Recap post so stay tuned!

Much love,

Mr. Spacely

If you write good quality science posts, feel free to mention yourself in the comments and make yourself eligible for participating in SteemSTEM PROMO! Also, if you know anybody else, feel free to mention them. Let's grow together!

If you want to help me support our fellow science enthusiasts, either by sponsoring this project, donating or even with your upvotes, feel free to send me DM on Discord - Mr. Spacely [whack.science] #7598! STEEM Blockchain would appreciate it! :)


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This is a nice initiative, and exposure for the authors, steem and steemstem has really been growing in recent weeks. :)

Maybe there might soon be some money and votes coming for people who leave comments with steemSTEM.io.... ;)



Watch out for those hints people! You don't want to miss them :)

Thanks for the information!

By the way, would it be possible to make it steemstem.io-friendly? Thanks in advance for your consideration :D


I want to but it is not loading any articles on my Chrome. When I switch to Opera it is working.

I dunno is it just me and I don't want to risk to lose engagement we are having. But I can try to see with my friends if they're having the same problem.


Hey, just checked it with my friends. Apparently, it's not working only for me, dunno why. I will try to include steemstem.io from now on. Hopefully, only me have this bug.


In fact, it is sufficient to use the

![ ](link)

syntax for the images. This should make the post automatically steemstem.io-friendly.

Maybe could you open the development console and check for any potential error message in there? `then we can start seeing how to fix the thing :)

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