Repost: mountain photos from two years ago... back when crypto was crazy

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What to see the Southern Andes in Patagonia? Before the storm that is! Here are some more fieldwork photos from a beautiful part of the world.

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 9.10.44 pm.png
Watching the weather come in! It was about to get a bit grim...

2018-01-31 16.20.49(1).jpg
Heading down the valley. Note the sharp crested glacial moraine and colour of the glacial lake.

2018-02-08 13.49.37.jpg
Can you see the difference on either side of the hammer? Pretty cool!

We saw some awesome nature and had some challenging conditions but all in a good fieldwork season. It snowed hard for two days after this...


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100% original content.

All photographs are taken by @snowyknight and copyright until the end of the internet.


Good to see you 🌄 @snowyknight! Was wondering how ya been doing! :-)
I've heard photos disappear after two years. Awesome to see a reposting
especially for newer folks who might of missed them! Fantastic mountains
I like those two rock types side by side and the mossies in between!

Now that crypto has gone lower you're back to real life mining for gold? J/k looks like a pretty rough place to camp, great views though.

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Beautiful scenery heading down the valley with the green water and the mountains.

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