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What The Future Holds For Human Evolution. Part 1 [Extrapolating into the future]

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As you may have known, evolution is a continuous process, and it is evident in the process of adaptation, which has been passed on from generation to generation. This process began a very long time ago, and humans have not been left out of the evolutionary trend. But as you may have been aware of, the process of evolution keeps getting faster than ever.

The chat below indicates a rapid increase in the trend of evolution, in relation to time (this is based on paleontological analysis)

[Image Source]

The evolution of humans we have seen so far can be inferred to be at the infancy stage (looking at it holistically). Now let's look at the next major steps in the evolution of humankind.

We will be taking Part 1 today and the ending part will be brought in my next post.

This is based on the systematic reviews of the best available evidence-based statistical analysis. And we shall draw inferences from these data to sniff into the future (few hundreds of thousands of years), to know how and what humans would evolve into

Here are the places we should look out for to experience major evolutional transformations:

1. The Eyes

The eyes would experience a major transformation. And this would be evident in both the colour and the size. Before I proceed, let me quickly drop this fact: A certain mystical genetic transmutation happened about 10,000 years ago, which gave rise to the blue-eyed colour, and has been passed on to younger generations.That is why is has been said that all blue-eyed individuals have a common ancestor. So as the years pass, we could have the eyes getting "more blue".

Size of the eye

[Image Source]

The colour of the eye is not the only thing to evolve. Genetists have said that prolonged usage of computers would alter the size of the eyes. But here's another aspect of this that you need to know aforehand:

Prolonged usage of computers would also increase the size of the forehead. First of all, to compensate for the increase in size of the eyeballs, and also because of the adaptation that comes with prolonged mental stress.

Also, this enlargement of the eyes would be useful when humans finally achieve multiplanetary ability. This is because, when humans move to a planet further away from the sun, they would need to adapt to the dim lights in the planet. So you see, it is not entirely unneeded.

2. The Hair

If you have been very conscious of the trend of human evolution, you would have noticed that the ancestors of modern man were much hairy than the modern man.

This was a particular adaptative feature that made them to survive through the cold region, because they needed something to insulate them from the bone-cracking cold. For example, the Astralopithecus afrensis (also called "Lucy") was almost covered in hair. 

But as you may have observed, there has been an evidential loss of hair as man evolves, which can be seen in this present era (the reason is; we are no longer dependent on our hair for warmth).

[Image Source]

Extrapolating this into the future; we could witness much balder humans as the year passes. But from inference, women would achieve hairlessness faster than men. And that would make them more attractive :D

Here's a bonus tip before I continue:

Our ancestors were seen to have heavy and significantly large jaw, which were needed to crack food (just like the Nutcracker man; Zinjanthropus boisei). But our reliance on processed food would make the future humans to evolve with a characteristically smaller jaw and fewer teeth

3. Muscle Mass

It has always been a fact that; "men; when compared to their size ratio; are stronger than horses". But this could change with the present trend of evolution.

[Image Source]

Over the past years; because of industrial automation and advent of machines, humans have become less reliant on their physical strength to perform tasks.

And because of this, humans have been seen to live a sedentary lifestyle, which would transform the shape of the future humans to something slimmer, slender, and far less muscular.

Also, the intake of medicine that have increased excessively in this generation has adversely affected the immune system of humans. That is why the present day humans have been seen to be more vulnerable to microorganisms than our ancestors.

With all these changes in anatomy which is predicted to hit humans by reason of evolution, one could think that the future humans would look weird; but actually, that would be how they would look at us. Just like we have looked back at our ancestors and said "mehn, those guys were damn ugly and weird".

Like I've always said, evolution is still in its infancy and the trend is increasing geometrically as the day passes (this could be linked to some non-natural and external factors, of which "technology" is a major actor on the scene)

Ok buddies! We shall take the ending part of this survey in the next post, where I would bring some other extrapolations into what the future holds for human evolution.

But until then, @samminator says; keep evolving :D

Thanks for reading

References for further reading: Ref1, Ref2, Ref3, Ref4, Ref5

gif by @foundation

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Over the past years; because of industrial automation and advent of machines, humans have become less reliant on their physical strength to perform tasks.

Even presently humans are practically useless in industries

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I was having a hard time processing what @samminator just explained, you have now compounded it with this binary language.


Lol. Thanks a lot bro @mittymartz for dropping by.

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Just simply say we would be turning into aliens....... An insightful post, thanks.


Lol. Not really aliens :D


Hmmmm..... But it comes ridiculously close, anyways I probably won't be alive to witness it

weldone and keep it up
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Great description! What about the human brain? How would it evolve?


Lol. I've already explained it in the final part (part 2) of this series. You can check it out.
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Thanks. Didn’t see it.