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RE: Someone Calling you Birdbrain? Don't be Offended. Intelligence Part 2.

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Actually when it comes to intellect in the bird kingdom, the highest distinction belongs to crows (no offense to the parakeets that have shown formidable intelligence too). But the cognitive capability of crows is vastly superieor to most other birds and even many mammals.

There are plent of examples and experiments documented for this. For example crows in Japan using traffic to put walnuts out to crack and then collecting them when cracked

Crows even understand the principle of water displacement

(remember the Aesop tale we now know a crow can actually do that)

So how do they do it with the tiny brain - your article is englightening in that aspect - has to be neuron density..

Crows may not be much to look at, but ho boy, do they rock! :)


I should have mentioned corvids, I didn't in the interests of limiting the scope of the article. In the research I read, they were believed to be equal to parrots, with the caveat that more research needs to be done. Where are you getting your information from?

I came across a few articles from and scientificamerican a while back on the topic of the intellect of the corvids :) Remember reading that the corvid family of birds and the family of parrots were easily identified as the most intelligent birds we know in a few other online articles also...

Smart, and they also have a lot of personality. Like a naughty two year old

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