Lepidoptera (The butterfly)#14

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Greetings universe of Steemit lover of the science and the biology, #steemstem, as part of work of natural photography, in the small world of gardens and other natural places,I come to them to share of our beautiful and natural butterflies, they are an order of insects holometábolos, it has life night and day, so that they see the fascinating thing that his these insects and his ready clothing as if they were going to dance, but really it is his camouflage.

The butterflies partners there is an insect which in his way of breathing is the following one, the butterflies breathe across a trachea or series of pipes that spread the oxygen to the corporal textiles. Apart there are two things which we must know, since only we observe her flying on the flowers, but that it is also you have wings in that it is membranous covering of colored scales, it uses it so that it applies a species of the termorregulación and his mouth device is of type a proboscis.

Function in sex determination: The pair of sex chromosomes, W and Z, play an obvious roles in sex determination, it produces the primary signal to start alternatively the female or male pathway of development in an embryo, but this does not tell wherther the primary sex-determinig genes are located on the W chromosome and/ or on the Z chromosome, cytogenetically speaking, it is either the presence / absence of the W chromosome or the number of Z chromosomes that determines females or male development. Considering the origin of the presente-day sex chromosome systems in lepidoptera from an ancestral Z/ZZ mechanism, we wxpect male-promoting genes on the Z chromosome functioning with a Z- counting mechanism as the basis of sex determination in Lepidoptera.
Information consulted in Molecular Biology and Genetics of the Lepidoptera - Peg 62 for Marian R. Goldsmith, ‎Frantisek Marec – 2009.


On the other hand we have as this type of insect it reproduces, since his development is holometábolo, where this one goes out of the egg and of the sale a larva type or caterpillar, with the this time it goes away that transforms in a species of cold sore, but it was known that the larva, it differs from the adult, since a mouth device of type presents the peculiarity in this form to the presenta masticador; in this case they are larvas with characteristics of fitófagas.


The life in the one that spends the butterflies in his phases of life, it shows us the potentiality, in which we can see a cycle of incredible life in an insect in constant change, thanks to these changes is going to depend his feeding, because the butterflies it is always variable, it is always going to depend on the stage I develop in that they are in his cycle of life, as part of his metamorphosis.

The characters of the immature states of the insects, as those of the adults, have equal importance taxonómica because there extends the possibilities, for the identification and diagnosis, which is essential when it is a question of economic species of importance.
Information consulted in Lepidopterous: in annual and perennial farmings: manual of recognition Written by Daniel Coto Alfaro, 1997.

East species of insect so that they know they are very migratory, as the case of (Danaus plexippus plexippus), (Vanessa atalanta), to just as the this fly reproduces very rapidly and in his lives adult according to the variety can last days or weeks.

They all the photography were taken and they are of responsibility of @newton666.


[1] - lepidopterous: in annual and perennial farmings: manual of recognition for Daniel Coto Alfaro - 1997.

[2] - lepidopterous: Zygaenidae - Volume 26 - Page 230 Fidel Fernández-Rubio - 2006.

[3] - molecular Biology and Lepidopterous Genetics of the - Page 62 for Marian R. Goldsmith, ‎Frantisek Marec - 2009.


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