Beginning of Arquímes // Mechanical of fluids

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Returned with everything my friend of Steemit, I must recognize the big work and support the prestige to the community of steemstem, which values very much the content, also motivated for valuing the content and of sharing the knowledge.

Really I apologize for my absence, since to be a mother, wife and university teacher is not easy, but it is in the vocation of every whom, in this opportunity, I was reading and I like a little in the field of the physics, the beginning of Arquímedes, how it is much based on the mechanics of fluid, since, the study of the means continuos of fluids, there need one series of new concepts, which allow to treat so much the movement of fluid, like the phenomena, which take place in the bodies immersed in current.

The principal concept is the stickiness, or what it is necessary to bear in mind, in the characteristic of the fluid, which stems from the existing friction in the bosom of the liquid, is necessary to take in account the following thing, the thicker is a liquid, the major will be his stickiness.

The coefficient of stickiness of the substances, which measures itself in NS/m ², where it indicates us the magnitude of the internal force of reasoning and the resistance, which puts up the fluid against the circulation.


When we speak or mention circulation, it can be of diverse types, depending on the speed to, which the fluid circulates normally for a pipe, inside all this at technical level speaks to itself about diet to laminate, because the speed is not an excessive discharge as regards the stickiness and the layers of the fluid move mutually with speed, which it increases towards the center of the pipe. Apart from all this also we have, to what he understands to the diet not to laminate, in this case it is reached when, it overcomes a certain critical value for the speed, turbulencies appear in the bosom of the fluid, is the phase to laminate, it is important to consider the resistance, of such a way the resistance is proportional at the relative speed between the fluid and the object, whereas in the turbulency it depends on the square of the relative speed, from what it increases for high speeds.

Of such a way I wanted to give certain argument or a conceptual base of the dynamics of fluid, to be able to understand the beginning of Arquímedes.
The beginning of Arquímedes.

, on having immersed a body in a liquid, it is observed that it is possible to move this one with more facility, which out of the liquid to which his weight seems, which it diminishes; this way, there is I protest that they float, the beginning of Arquímedes says to us, that any body immersed in a fluid experiences a vertical propulsion and up equally to the weight of the evicted fluid. Now let's think about a ship, where the weight of all the materials with which the ship is made adding that of the load, which it takes is equal to the weight of the water, which at the same time has displaced the submerged part.

For this motive the low part of a ship is constructed decomposed, so that without sinking too much it displaces a big quantity of water and could support afloat the rest of the ship, the propulsion depends on the volume of the submerged body and on the thickness of the liquid, because the immersed bodies in the air also experience a propulsion, but very small, for the thickness of the air is very small at level of the field of the physics.

The beginning of Arquímedes: 4th. version, on April 3, 2003 for Bethlehem Gopegui - 2003.


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