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RE: 'UFOs' over Hessdalen, Norway explained? Ball Lightning and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

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As an expression of intellectual activity by the author, this material is protected by the international laws on
copyright. All rights reserved. No reproduction, copy or transmission of this material may be made without
written permission by the authors. No paragraph, table, graph or photo of this article may be reproduced,
copied or transmitted save without written permission by the authors. Any person who does any
unauthorized act in relation to this material may be liable to criminal prosecution and civil claims for

This was from one of your image sources. Did you get written permission that can be presented to us at SteemSTEM? I appreciate that you've been writing in depth and high quality stuff for some time now, but we can't vote things that are breaking copyright, according to our guidelines.

If no permission is granted (email is in the very paper you sourced you could contact) then I might suggest providing a link to the image only, and using a more commercially available image for this post.

Good luck!


Please can you reference which image you are referring to? John Hutchison sent us images of his work that was re-produced in Electric Spacecraft Journal and included here as did me356. If a stand-in or re-mastering is required, then let us know.

No, this is clear now, great stuff!

Thanks Mobbs - really appreciated.

Look out for more really interesting posts coming from the MFMP.

Electric Spacecraft Journal have confirmed we can use the embedded image, indeed, they sent a higher quality copy.

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