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RE: The Dark Side Of Technological (Industrial) Revolution - How Safe Are You?

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Note that your images are not visible on Do you mind fixing it by any chance?

Concerning the effects on the jobs, yes this is true there will be an effect. Some jobs will be lost, but other classes of jobs will appear so that the workforce will be reallocated (haven't we discussed this in one of your earlier posts?). This is by far not something dark to me...


Exactly. But recurrently, it looks like the rate at which jobs are disappearing is far more than the rate at which they are created. This is just to mention the least. Even though I am a proponent of technology, we should also discuss these effects more often so that people will get to terms with it.

I was reading an article sometimes ago about a proposed panacea for this. Where a scheme known as UBI (Universal Basic Income) is proposed to pay back to the world's citizens a certain percentage of the income generated from industrial automation as a way of cushioning the effect of job loss.

About the image, I'll try to view it again from the app. The image is visible from other frontends. Maybe it's because of my markdown codes. But I posted through the app and it was visible when I did.

There is always a transition period between to regime. You cannot change a generation capable of working on a set of tasks A into a generation working on a new set of tasks A' in one year. However, the timescale is probably of a few decades.

Concerning the UBI, I am very sceptical. It probably could work at a small scale level (there were experiments I think). At a more global level, this still needs to be demonstrated.

Can you please try this for the image:


or that

<img src=' />

I've replaced the images with the first format you gave. This one


Thanks a lot sir

Great! I confirm it works!

I've checked again. I think the app does not support my image hosting site;, that is why the images are showing on other frontends but not on I will have to try another image hosting site for my next post.

Thank you for drawing my attention to this sir

Please check the two ways I proposed above. They both work :)

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