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I think all parts of Star Trek (and some other SciFi movies and series) offer some interesting aspects of AI. I actually don't exclude Seven of Nine from that topic since she's partially bionic. And yes, Star Trek, especially TNG, is classical theater on the screen.

I'm unsure about AI in our daily life. For example, I cannot imagine to have it steering my car because it lacks intuition. However, as my dad takes the very opposite position, there's obviously media offering it as a working thing which will be implemented in the near future.
I think people love to hear about future technology dreams, they don't care about the feasibility.
Maybe we need current TV or Netflix (or whoever's) broadcasts to be common knowledge again like TV was in the nineties. But I have to admit, I'm boycotting Netflix completely.


We are having auto-pilot in aircrafts. That's some sort of AI, too. AI-driven cars, well, that is a little similar. I haven't made my mind up as how to think about it. My main concern is the faith in AI regarding to social interaction. I wouldn't want to talk on the phone with one, even if it answers correctly. For these purposes, I guess, companies would like to use them in order to save staff salaries.

Hm-hm. There has been a video lately on Google's AI project showing usecases on the telephone. Let me look for it ... here we go:

After watching the video for the first time, I thought, the cost for human staff might not be the biggest concern ...
My telephone and Internet provider (Vodafone) is using an agent for the telephone support line for at least 2 years (I think). This piece of software sorts out the topic of the call and the caller's ID in the system by identifying him by his customer ID or other data. I don't like the voice actually ... but I still think, Germany is a little behind in this field.

Thank you for the example. I read about it and that's why I thought to write this article.

What I find strange nowadays is that the presenters of huge companies appear a bit like priests talking to their congregation. They've got a podium (like an altar) and seem to be warm hearted and sensible people. Also, he talks about "small companies which might need help for scheduling". ... I don't think that small companies are actually very interesting for them... LOL

Actually, to deal with stressed people on the phone can be an excercise in training patience:) but that's a whole other topic. To make the world a smooth running corporation where all problems are solved technologically is the new holy grail is what I think. ...

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