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RE: Plasma gasification: turning waste into energy without hurting the environment.

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The world is advancing towards cleaner and safer energy sources day by day. Though I've heard about Biogas/Biomass power generation, using plasma to produce green energy is kind of new tech to me. As u stated on ur article, the waste is converted into syngas with the help of plasma torches and then the syngas can be used to produce electricity.
I think the process has similarity with the 'Biomass generation' system. The usage of plasma torches are the biggest difference between them, i guess. Hope u will also agree with me.
Anywasy, good article man. Cheers!


Yes the process is similar to biomass generation. It has also been used to generate syngas from biomass, coal and similar products... All in a bid to create clean energy.

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Thanks a lot, man.
I'm trying to learn and adapt the way of writing blogs here, thanks for the support. :)