Ways Andrea Rossi will know if he is working with the same phenomena that has been observed by other researchers

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IMPO Andrea Rossi will have seen many of the effects that go along with the Active Agent and its spin off (also an Active Agent) SR - at least in the macro form. He has not shared microscopic images of studies of his failed reactors, but if the old 'failures' still exist and he has a spare $60, he should get a NURUGO lens and have some fun analysing them or throw them on a laser or scanning electron microscope.

This is not an exhaustive list, but some of these effects include

  • 'excess heat'

  • 'excess cooling' [think of the implications]

  • destruction of reactor structures below normal temperatures

  • Anomalous glowing without real heat corresponding to the usual 'colour temperature' - IMPO will fool bolometers

  • misreading of TCs

  • liquification / disruption of metals, particularly aluminium. The higher the melting point and the lower the conductivity / Electron Affinity, the faster the transition from stable lattice to, well, not how it used to be!

  • accelerated 'corrosion' such as oxidation with high levels of sulphur production at surfaces in contact with air, particularly if metal is Iron-rich

  • failure/disappearance of refractory ceramics - particularly alumina

  • Emission of low energy beta / photons

  • Emission of broad spectrum photons similar to bremsstrahlung radiation but not necessarily with characteristic x-rays

  • Intense reverse voltage spikes and/or low voltage reverse current

  • problems with overheating in inductive parts of control electronics, even those that apparently are isolated

  • failure of equipment at distance, even those that are not connected

  • fatigue of operators around reactors that are not properly screened

  • self-sustaining spheroid or toroidal structures that may leave apparatus

  • plasmatic like effects at surfaces of materials, particularly metals, particularly aluminium, that look like fire, but are not in fact fire.

  • impulses that could be used as propulsion source

  • other directional affects dependent on EM configuration of the equipment

  • increased appearance of above effects when 'control' power is switched off

  • time distortion

  • element synthesis and transmutation

  • thing appearing where they were not before

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