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On the Steem platform, we have a wide variety of various projects and initiatives, many of which surely deserve support and attention.

"With great Steem Power comes great responsibility" - Uncle Ben[1]

However, one of these initiatives is unique and has a special place in my heart brain.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) is something that has brought us where we are now.

Steem is a perfect platform for STEM, and I’m really glad that the #SteemSTEM community is doing so well.

Transparency, as used in science, engineering, business, the humanities and in other social contexts, is operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed. It has been defined simply as "the perceived quality of intentionally shared information from a sender".[2]

I’m not selling my votes or delegated Steem Power to bots or voting platforms.

Among my eight outgoing delegations, six have been made to active members of the SteemSTEM community:
@justtryme90, @lemouth, @mobbs, @ruth-girl, @suesa, @trumpman.

Initially, the purpose was to incentivize their efforts for a month or so… but it turned out that this continued for at least eight months, over a year in some cases ;-)

Thank you for your hard work! I will update this list soon.

So what about the remaining two delegations? One went to @santarius, the best manual curator for the local #polish community, who gave me a chance to support the posts I wouldn’t have found myself, the other to... @utopian-io, which is yet another very important project that supports SteemSTEM

Italy will soon host SteemSTEM & Meetup, which will include hackathon.

All liquid funds from this post will be sent to @steemstem to support the meetup.

Here’s a short video that I’ve just rendered to promote SteemSTEM:

Feel free to use this promo video for the SteemSTEM needs.

1 I don’t think he actually said that, which doesn’t make it any less true.
2 Organizational Transparency: A New Perspective on Managing Trust in Organization-Stakeholder Relationships, Andrew K. Schnackenberg, Edward C. Tomlinson

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We appreciate your support Gandalf. Truly. You've supported what we were trying to do from basically day one, and it won't be forgotten.

Thanks for supporting SteemSTEM and Utopian!

I totally agree, there can be no suppression of information on the Steem blockchain, a fact that makes this the perfect place for scientific communities.

Have a great day!

I'm sure it doesn't need to be said but our (and mine personally) appreciation and gratitude for your support has approached legendary status with gold rims. Thanks, multiplied by all the days I haven't actively said thanks so far.

Also, as a musician I'm really tempted to put my own little soundtrack to that video - did you do the little piano ditty yourself??


Thank you :-)
No, I'm really bad at piano (almost as bad as Steem author and curator).
This audio/video as most on my blog is assembled from templates and pieces that I have "re-seller" license for.
If you manage to sync your 15s soundtrack, please let me know and I can re-render that (+ apply that to two other upcoming flavors of it).


If... I can squeeze... the time... in... somewhere in my new real-life-type life, this is something I seriously want to do... It's just 15 seconds, how hard can it be??

Thank you for this great message, your support is important for this wonderful community such as steemstem, which with hard work and effort on the part of all members have made one of the most respected and solid community and projects of steemit.

We will continue to grow hand in hand with all the directors, curators, members of honor and users who every day are dedicated to sharing high quality content

Thank you for your support!
I love your video, would you mind if I use it in gif format?


Do whatever you like with it :-)


Thank You 💙
<sub><center>video credits @gtg</center></sub>


Fantastic I will use it with the permission of both :P


Hi love the concept I will use this with your permission @katerinaramm and @gtg. :)


Thank you and .. yes, it is a very nicely done video :)
Please make sure to tag @gtg when you post!

Good idea and great promo video. I'm really impressed! Nice the particles and DOF :)

It's nice that you support the scientific community at STEEM!👍 Thanks also for your support in the Polish community. On this account, I create only in the #steemstem. When my articles are appreciated here, I am very happy about it! Regards😎

Even though I don't have much to do with STEM, but I do think it's indeed a great initiative and they are doing amazing!

This is a great Initiative. Please how can I enable my post to be noticed by steem stem?

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from@hardaeborla


Thanks... I will check this out


Hi @hardaeborla,

@SteemSTEM supports original posts with STEM content (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

You can check the below link by GTG or the FAQs and also come join our community on discord

Since you are relatively new at steemit this collection of steemit posts might be a bit helpful and of course

For any questions, feel free to ask



Many thanks for ur support, man. Gandalf is a great guy with good heart, i've heard this many times. Now I see why they say that! :")
U people are inspiring hundreds of users to add values to this ecosystem. Keep up the good work! 💪

Really SteemStem is a great community of scientists and people passionate about science and its curiosities. Hey, I liked it a lot, it's video, I'm too brutal. Greetings a strong psychological hug.

This is so awesome, Gandalf. The entire steemstem members are appreciative of your acts of kindness

Hey there, certainly you're doing such a great job as always, thanks for supporting steemstem it is an amazing community conformed by bright minds.

I love the video video, thanks for everything you do, we really apreciated❤.

We all from the steemstem are really grateful. We appreciate your delegations and zeal to promote quality science contents. Thanks a lot :)

It will level up science and engineering at next level I'm future #steemstem

Here's a friendly warning! Please don't use the #steemstem tag for a post that's not about Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. And please don't use the #meetup tag for a post that only contains one sentence about a meetup. You might get downvoted by @gtg for tag abuse!


Here's the thing, relevance of the tags is about idea, not the keywords.

I am an engineer. Thank you and thanks to steem for supporting us

sharp and to the point. what is this wizardry?