Printing money, and reviving a dead alien booger

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Fixing stuff

So today, i have been fiddling around with some 3d printers, that needed repair. As exams deadlines are coming up, people are starting to need them for their projects, so i might as well get them in tip top condition. For anyone interested, we have a few Craftbots and a few ultimakers at uni, and they are all somewhat simple to repair, if you know what you are doing.

Printing money

Naturally, when they were in working condition, i had to test them out. And who wouldn’t like to print their own money? I saw this as an opportunity to make my first iteration of a physical steem coin. This really serves no other purpose than for me to have fun. Also, i saw it as a fine opportunity to make people aware of steem, and spread the word. Passing these around would be a fun way to make people wonder whatever the heck steem is about, and maybe we could even get some new people on this wonderful website.

For my first iteration, i went with a simple maker coin with the steem logo added to it. Not the makercoin as in the cryptocurrency, but makercoin as in the coin makers utilize to create their own branded coin (didn’t realise that was also a cryptocurrency, but it seems like “there’s a cryptocurrency for that”).

As i only had a few minutes, i simply used a blank coin from this fellow and added the steem logo. Below, you can see some gifs of the printers working.

As you can see, the craftbot (the one with the silver coloured coin) is still a bit rough, so i’ll have to fine tune that a bit when i have the time. The prints were running over the night, and as i do need at least a bit of sleep, i went home, so i do not have a ton of footage.
But here’s the finished product, the version 0.0001 of my steem coin :)



IMG_20171206_212857 (1).jpg

All in all, i think they have a nice size. It has a good feel in the hand, and i believe that passing them out to some would make them wanna figure out whatever the hell steem is. For my next iteration, i’ll probably go for a complete re design though. I also want to add the steem name (or steemit), so people actually now what to search for.

Some issues

IMG_20171206_212223 (2).jpg

Unfortunately, i also have a bit of fiddling to do with the ultimaker. This is the buttom of the coin, and what you see here is the machine trying to do support material. This is created so the print do not collapse. Normally, it is quite easy to break off, but this is completely impossible, without destroying the coin.

If all goes wrong, i’ll likely just wind up with a flat bottomed coin… Or i will create a mold of it, and then i can make enough to pass around to fellow steemians i meet on my way :)

Anyhow, that was today's 3D printer repair job.

Reviving a dead alien booger

I also got a chance to check out the scoby from my first blog, if anyone is keeping tabs. To sum up, i will be writing my Bachelor's project about turning bacterial cellulose into a sustainable, eco friendly alternative to leather. To do so, i am brewing Kombucha, and using the scoby for material.
Unfortunately, the Scoby, or maybe the entire batch of Kombucha, has somehow died. The box it is in, is placed in quite a busy lab, and i suspect this has to do with its untimely demise. There’s a lot of different factors that could have played in, it either got too cold, it needed food, or it got in contact with something toxic.
Below you can see the seemingly dead scoby. It’s a poor picture, and i apologize for that. Seems like my phone had some issues with the glare. Maybe when the steem rises in value, i can afford a phone with a proper camera :)


Finding diamonds while you’re standing in shit/ learning from your mistakes

Yummo, huh? Anyhow, i hung it to dry, as i might as well see if i can turn it into leather. This time, i hung it to dry on a sheet of acrylic, as past experience has taught me not to use porous materials. Otherwise, the material and the scoby will completely fuse together.


This was definitely an unforeseen challenge, but maybe i’ll figure out something new from it. So i guess it is not that bad. When i am actually starting my Bachelors, i now have a more clear idea about what to avoid.
For now, i simply added a fresh Scoby, and some extra Kombucha to the mix. I’m hoping that this will give it the needed boost in order to revive itself. Here, you can see the new Scoby floating in the Kombucha. Here’s to hoping :)


If you have made it this far, i am very impressed, and you have my greatest gratitude. Thank you for taking your time to read up on whatever weird stuff i am doing. I’m very much excited about the future for this website. If you’re still reading, you definitely deserve a 3d printed steem coin if we ever meet on the street :)

Have a great day people! And a lovely December, i hope you’re all warm and cozy.

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Those coins are awesome! I may have to get my hands on one of these 3D printers at some point, they just seem like so much fun to tinker with. Would love to be able to design some cool things as well. As for the can keep that lol.

Thanks so much for sharing. Btw, I am a curator for @ocd and would love to nominate your post.

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It would mean a ton to me to be nominated! Use all you want btw :) I can send you a link to the coin i have now, even though i haven't finished it.
I would also love to be resteemed, i would love to get a discussion going :)

And yeah, the Scoby is quite nasty, but that is just my weird project ^^

If you ever decide to get a 3d printer, please feel free to write me. I would love to help with choosing the right printer, or help you learn to model some stuff. I definetely have some pointers about choosing the right 3d printer, there are a ton of different options to choose from.

So if you need it, just write.
Have a great day, and again, thank you so much for reading


That would be great, when I am looking to get one, I’ll be coming to you! Thanks so much for the offer! No need to add the tags to this post since I’ll be nominating it, but please go ahead and use it for future posts!


My bad :) Still though, thanks a ton. The help people give each other on this site is really heartwarming. Have a great day, and an awesome December!


I have now added #ocd-resteem as a tag, thank you SO much for the chance :)


Hey man, can i ask for your advice? Just made a new post about printing money, but would like some input as to how to go forward with the form of the coin. I would like as many users input as possible, because i want to share it later, so i don't feel like i should make the decisions alone :)
Have a great December man!

Hey, I want one :D


I would actually really love to give them out to interested steemians in the future. I still need to perfect it, but i think everyone interested should have one. If i wind up giving them away, i need to figure out shipping though. It's a bit tricky being philanthropic when you're a student that struggles to afford even food xD

I'm also thinking about the best way of using it as a promotional item. Maybe making a coin with a flat bottom, and putting a QR code underneath, leading to the steem signup site?


Hey man :) I just made a new post about it, and would like your advice on how the coin should look. Could you maybe take a look? Thanks :D


Okie dokie will.check it out :D

This is amazing! The coins are fun but I am just here for the boogers haha! It looks... disgusting. But hey i wanted to suggest that maybe the problem of porous materials could actually be a strength some day once you get it more figured out. Would it be possible to craft the scobi into shapes, then intentionally fuse it to stuff? Or, can it be cut afterward and leave the fused material on the one side of the scobi, say if it were some cool paper or fabric?? Or does it just look like a booger stuck to a napkin, hahaha


That would be very interesting indeed!
I've actually seen people making shapes by fusing the Scoby together with other pieces of Scoby. They would for example take a manequin, and drape the scobies(??) around it. And when the edges touched, they would fuse together. So they were able to make something resembling a shirt from that.
When the scoby dries, and if it left untreated, it will look a bit like parchment paper :)

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Awesome, what an honor :) Thanks a ton!

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Thanks a ton!

Yo these are dope, I love 3D printing and used to spend sleepless nights printing in FabLab in Roskilde. Would love to see these spray-painted and distributed.


Wait, you're from Denmark??


No but I studied in RUC :)