TEXT - Introduction to Decentralized Copyright - How combining LightScribe Technology in conjunction with STEEM cryptography to prove ownership & date of creation of content

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Using LightScribe Technology in conjunction with STEEM cryptography to prove ownership of Content

[DCopyright (Decentralized Copyright)]

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Harry Newark / DCopyright



How can artists prove that their work is their own in a digital “copy & paste” age?
In this digital age it is extremely easy to create and produce content, share it to the masses and be financially compensated for your creativity. But what happens when it goes wrong? The advantages in P2P networks and web-hosted sharing sites like SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo to name a few, have also brought along disadvantages, making it easy for those who do not want to put in effort, who do not respect creatives to plagiarize, monetize and profit off others creative efforts.

Patenting and Copyright solutions are sometimes costly, difficult to manage and navigate and generally beyond the scope of most content creators who are perhaps not even suspecting that their work may be used by others without their permission but there are many cases, especially in the music industry, where small artists beats, vocals and compositions have been used and/or altered by bigger artists with little to no rectification, compensation and recognition.

This is where Blockchain technology plays an important role.



Posting content on a Blockchain based medium like STEEM is a powerful way to prove ownership of content, utilizing the immutability of a blockchain and the resulting cryptographic hash, and there are other blockchain based “water-marking” services which generally supplement the creator with a “e-ticket/certificate” containing said hash and other authoritative data. While these are great tools, I have developed a system that can all be ran using the immutability of the STEEM blockchain. This paper details an Open Source and an eventual communally run project whereby content creators can safely and securely store, physically own and prove ownership of any content they deem valuable or at high risk of plagiarism. I will achieve this by utilizing a “Physical Proof of Inception” protocol (P.O.I), whereby artists can submit work to me or complete the tutorial steps themselves. Published work on the STEEM blockchain, is recorded in a block on the ledger and a verifiable transaction ID is generated. The content is then written to a LightScribe compatible disc and is then laser etched with the hash of the transaction containing the artist’s work, the date and time that it was published (P.O.I), authors name and any other specified identifiable data. This links a physical copy of the artist/designer/writer’s content to a verifiable, trustable blockchain that doubles the authentication proof that the ledger block contains already. This Disc is either generated by the community member or if created by me, then sent to the intended recipient and as a secure and useful tool if plagiarism takes place. The instructions for how to create your own cryptographically backed copy of any content you own will be open source and released in an easy how-to guide. A full tutorial of how to install and replace a standard drive with a LightScribe compatible one and how use the LightScribe Software will be released, as-well as my methods as to how to use it in conjunction with your accompanying STEEM blockchain data to prove ownership and creation date of the work. Then I will begin work on my G.A.R.T.H (Graphene Arbitrated Randomized Treatise Hash) to further strengthen this.
Keywords: Blockchain, DCopyright, Graphene, POI,

My Open Source Solution – Why LightScribe?


LightScribe technology was once owned and managed by Hewlett-Packard, as the compatible drives were included in most machines manufactured in the 10 year window coming standard with a LightScribe enabled drive, but As of 26 November 2013,[2] LightScribe.com HP's official LightScribe website has been removed and whilst there is still some how-to and support guides on the HP website, the technology and its faucets have since become semi-open-sourced, whilst still closed, the software to edit and design labels has become free ware, easily accessible and has a non-technical downloading process. Below are some main reasons why I chose to use what some may consider an outdated piece of scribing tech;

Accessibility: The software to design and scribe your own discs is freeware and easy to install, it does not pertain the user to have an in-depth knowledge of computing and is widely downloadable in multiple forms across the internet. The driver set up to allow your drive to work with the computer is also pain free in set up. Another reason I factored in my decision was that to the best of my knowledge Epson controls the patent on direct-to-CD inkjet printing in the US, which could cause issues down the line if when I create the centralized printing community and is on a ragga tip.

Ease of Use: The template that I will create and disseminate is seamless with the freeware that is widely available to write to the disc, quick to edit with your own specified data and compatible with most template editing software/photoshop.

Price: LightScribe writeable discs are slightly more expensive that normal DVD-RW discs that’s for sure with a price percentage ratio I have calculated (using data from eBay for ease) at roughly 9.1x the price of non-light scribe discs, (normal 700MB RW DVD) This might seem like a hindrance but in case of copyright protection it is a blessing in disguise. The cost of the disc means that fraudulent mass copies of your disc in the unlikely event of theft will put off most cheap scammers intent upon creating a fake copy, which is further protected by the Proof Of G.A.R.T.H filesystem I have created, which is to-be-released. It is much cheaper than retaining a lawyer or solicitor and storing copies of data with them, something many creatives cannot afford or even consider needing one.

Image Sources - 1,
2 – Under CC License

The Process – What will be released in the coming weeks?

A Full LightScribe Tutorial: This will be a full video and text-based guide, including hardware installation, software installation and how to design your first template to print whatever you would like too on it! This tutorial will not include the DCopyright method as that will be released alongside this more fun user guide!

How to use a STEEM transaction (and post) to generate a transaction hash (for beginners), and how to use this in conjunction with LightScribe to prove ownership of work: This again will be a full video and text-based tutorial on how to utilize the STEEM blockchains immutability to generate a unique identifying TX_ID (or where to find it on already published work). I will then demonstrate that this can then be printed onto a LightScribe disc and with other specified data can be an essential tool in proving you owned/created your work before someone else in the event of theft or plagiarism..


Graphene Printing and The DCopyright Authority: A full tutorial for my own adapted synthesis of Graphene Oxide will be released, with its resulting reduction into functional graphene sheets.
G.A.R.T.H RELEASE: This will be announced closer to the time but is named as such as a homage to my late Grandad, Garth Newark, who not too long ago passed away from Pancreatic and Lymphatic cancers and this filesystem and cryptographic hashing system I have created in honor of him.
Image sources: 1,2

So, how would this actually work?? - here's a basic flow chart


Working examples. – Version 1 (NON-GRAPHENE)

This is an early concept test run that I created using the stock template that is preloaded when you open the LightScribe template editor. It contains the layouts for the artists name, the date of creation, the raw transaction data and TX id all inscribed on the outside of the disc, and whilst basic was a good starting point and showed me that it would take a few burns to get the right contrast anyway. This is 4, 23-minute burn cycles to achieve this contrast but as a test run was good at proving the concept to myself at least.

Version 2.0


This is my improved version on my original concept which the template I will be releasing along with the future tutorials on how to do this yourself. It
took on average 6 burns to achieve this level of contrast on the “print”.
Around the outer ring of the CD is a label stating that the author has created the stored work on the date shown, that all rights belong to the copy owner.
This will not be the final design and a major part of this project is that I want the community to get involved and come up with their own cryptographic-al designs!

Basic Analysis of Copy-writing Proving Features



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