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Fortknox is a U.S. Armed force post that sits on 109,000 sections of land in northern Kentucky. Its gold vault is encompassed by thick stone dividers that are beaten by a bombproof rooftop. So precisely what amount of gold sits inside? A great deal!

As indicated by the Federal Reserve, around 147.3 million ounces of gold blocks — called bullion — sit inside Fort Knox's safe vault (likewise called the United States Bullion Depository). At the present gold costs, that is over $168 billion worth of gold!

That much gold must be kept at a safe area. So exactly how secure is Fort Knox? Exceptionally secure! Notwithstanding the rock dividers and bombproof rooftop, Fort Knox is encompassed by wall, ensured by various cautions, and watched by Apache helicopter gunships.

The U.S. Armed force got done with building Fort Knox in December 1936. Starting in January 1937, the gold was transported to Fort Knox via prepare and secured by a U.S. Rangers detachment. Since that time, Fort Knox has been for the most part untouchable to pretty much everybody!

The gold in Fort Knox isn't generally an essential piece of our economy any longer, however. While the gold used to be kept as a reinforcement to our money framework, the U.S. went off the highest quality level in 1971.

Today, the gold is only an advantage of the Federal Reserve and not a key piece of our money related framework. In a country whose economy has yearly resources of nearly $14 trillion, the gold in Fort Knox is only a small detail within a bigger landscape!

Gold isn't the main thing to have been put away at Fort Knox, however. Previously, Fort Knox has been utilized to store the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Articles of Confederation, Lincoln's Gettysburg address, the Gutenberg Bible, and the Magna Carta.

The gold put away at Fort Knox speaks to around 2.5% of all the gold at any point refined through the span of history. Indeed, even with that much gold, Fort Knox is still just the second biggest gold store in the U.S. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York in Manhattan has an underground vault that holds 224.1 million ounces of gold!


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