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Adolescence is a period in person's life between childhood and adulthood, this is when a person is neither a child nor adult. During this period puberty sets in, in fact, puberty is the beginning of adolescence.

The change in the hormones in your body are easy to see, but you will also notice changes in the way you feel and think. You may also feel more attracted to people of the opposite sex and feel emotions such as love more strongly. You may also feel sexual excitement and desire and may want to experience it with sex.

This feelings and changes are normal. But choosing whether to have sex or not is a very important decision and there are many consequences. The most obvious risks is pregnancy, but there are also risks of infections with Sexually transmitted diseases (STI) and AID virus.

Contraception is the term used to describe pregnancy prevention.

Contraceptive Methods Appropriate For Youths

    This is a strong decision not to have sex until you are 'ready'. The most natural and effective way to prevent pregnancy is by abstaining totally from sexual intimacy.

  2. CONDOM.
    The condom rubber sheath fits over the erect penic like a second skin, it's hold semen released during ejaculation to prevent spilling into the Virgina. Most rubber condoms are coated with lubricant while some have sperm killing chemicals in the lubricant. The condom is the only method of contraception that also protects against Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs) including HIV/AIDS.

  3. PILLS-contraceptive pills.
    Pills are tablets containing hormones oestrogen and progesterone normally produced by the women's own body. The pills prevents ovulation so the ovaries do not release eggs and pregnancy cannot occur.One pill must be taken everyday with water or any non achoholic liquid.

    These are products that contains sperm killing ingredients (spermicides). They are inserted into the vagina before a woman has sex, they are very effective when used in combination with condoms and serve as lubricant or moistener for easy penetration for the penis into the vagina.

Other Contraceptive Methods are available, but they are not appropriate for youths, these are :-

    Depo-provera, Pathogen and Nurisetrate are injection that can be given every two to three months to prevent pregnancy. The injection contains hormones that an ovum from being released from the ovaries.

  2. IUD.
    The IUD is a small plastic device, which is put into the womb by a specially trained health workers. The IUD prevents the fertilized egg from setting on the wall of the womb.

    These are the pills which can be used up to three days if you have unprotected sexual intercourse, or you think there may be problem with your contraception method.


  1. Douching.
    Douching means washing out the vagina immediately after having sexual intercourse with the hope of washing out all the sperm. This method is not effective because sperm travel very rapidly and some will have already travelled to the uterus before the time the woman is able to douche.

    The idea of this method is that a woman will keep track of her past menstrual cycle band tries to figure out the days when she is least likely to become pregnant ( the 'safe days' to have sexual intercourse).
    Since sperm live from 3-5 days, It can be easy for woman to get pregnant when they think they are safe even during there menstrual period.

    Withdrawal means removing the penis from the vagina before ejaculation takes place. Since man may produce some semen soon after erection, withdrawal method is ineffective.

Engaging in sexual intimacy is a decision you have to make on your own, when you think you have made the right decision, stay by it and use the contraception method that you think is best for you.

Hoping you won't get pregnant or believing it can't happen to 'me' doesn't work.


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