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RE: Amino Acid Supplements for Plants: How Amino Acids can Affect Plant Growth and Resistance to Environmental Stress

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Bacillus bacteria or amino acid? U can have both. If you are open to the idea of silaging fish byproducts (maybe you can tap a marine processing company)....and ferment fish with carbohydrates source and lactobacillus starter..(its can have it in drums). The product is very high in amino acids and probiotics very good for the soil...also as foliar application..

Or you can purchase ready-to-use products.


Great, thank you for your insight. We will let you know if we continue onward with this and if so, we can send you the results of trees enhanced with amino acids opposed to trees held as constants, if you'd like. We love to support our growing community of sustainability and environmental researchers!

I would very much love that. Thank you very much. Followed you.

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