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RE: Foxes hunting Bunnies: Population Modelling with the Predator-Prey Equations

in #steemstem2 years ago

A great overview of the model. What it does not take into account is the other prey of the foxes.

If there is abundant alternative prey, both the rabbit and fox population will continue to grow, as can be seen in Australia.

And it does not provide a solution to the age old question - which goes first, the rabbit or the fox? Remove rabbits and foxes switch to native animals for prey, remove foxes and rabbit populations boom. Add cats and the problem becomes a mess.


Thanks @andyfishman. There are versions of these equations which include other prey of the predators, but that makes my working a lot more complex, haha. So I'm avoiding this at this stage.

And the rest of what you say goes to show, it's impossible to solve the world's problems with mathematics alone. :)

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