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RE: Sex Drive: Fantasy Sex Is Where To Find Id

Oh I know that feeling. You got a mini depression now. It's a good tactic to press ctrl + A and then ctrl + C once in a while. Could it get lost cos it was too long? I know there's a post limit now, don't know about a comment limit. ... Pity, cos I'd be interested in reading what you have to say! I thank you anyways! Hopefully you'll gather the strength to repeat some of it eventually!


:) thanx for understanding.
That is a good idea in any way: using "ctrl + A and "ctrl + C". I actually back my text up with a translator but this time all got messed up. Maybe because I was on a holiday trip over the weekend on a German island. lol

If I can make it I will come back to you ... argh ... even thinking about to put all the work in again makes me aching. Though a question you already answered which I had over the course of your series. Which you answered in your reply to @dysfunctional:

The thing that nudged me into writing for this sex drive topic in the first place was a sex documentary that came out recently (check the beginning of my previous post).

You always ask about people's motivations, it's funny! I guess something like "it's inherently interesting" is the most annoying response a person can ever give you!

I don't know if I was aware that Germany has islands. I think of them more in terms of islets. ) Hope you had a good time.

You can save your comments for the next post, since it will be about 'sex drive in action', so it will be similar but also fresh and it will maybe be less frustrating to comment again, and you'll get a 2-week rest!

HaHa, you got to know me quite well over the course of time. That's totally true. And it annoys people back very much so that I sometimes get no answer or a signal that enough questions were asked.

Indeed, the islands are not that big but beautiful. I was getting the best view I ever had, wandering the beach. This one was particularly impressive as one can look from the very far left to the very far right and get a deep sense of the roundness of our planet. I was in awe about the massiveness of the waters and also its calming effect at the same time. We found a good spot behind a dune where we ate and drank excellently.

It's such a good thing to escape the city and to widen the horizon.

Hope, I can find some new questions for your next post ;-)

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