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RE: 0.2.1 - bringing even more ways to track account activity and explore the blockchain

in #steemstats7 years ago

The next update will have this. There's a new settings area where you can specify what kind of notifications you'd like to receive and how long you'd like them to appear on the screen.

The sound idea though is something I don't have yet, that I should probably add though! Good call!


Can't wait for that next update! Also, I would like to thank you for creating all your fantastic #steemapps! You have in fact motivated me to do the same and I have now released SteemDown ( Check it out if you would and I would love any feedback. Thanks! All the devs at Steemit really rock!

I found your post earlier and gave you an upvote! I love the idea and it really brings some clarity into who's powering down what amount. Anything that brings more visibility to how things work around here is a great addition in my book :)

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