KARAOKE Mega Steem Star 5 sbd challenge , Song and Voice June 2 nd after business class

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We all had fun on our first Mega Steem Star round, last 26/05/2018, and we just can't get enough! Another round for all of you my friends.

On Saturday, June 2nd, let's join together for one-song-sing-all "Butterfly Fly Away". Any versions and languages are welcome. Calling everyone! DISCORD CHANNEL CLICK HERE

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Credit to sir @flysky for another delightful "Super Mega Steem Stars challenge in history". Thank you


  • Sing only one song for all "Butterfly Fly Away" on Saturday, June 2nd at #SteemSchools #Karaoke discord channel HERE
  • Any versions and languages are welcome
  • Invite all your friends
  • Join discord link CLICK HERE
  • You must be my follower
  • Upvote this post
  • Resteem this post so more steemians can join
  • Be present in karaoke class to vote at #SteemSchools - #SUPER MEGA STEEM STAR will start after the Business class
  • Winner should create post of the experience in the #SUPER MEGA STEEM STAR challenge

Important Notes

  • Maximum number of votes will win
  • Votes will be in discord only
  • We will use emoji thumb-up as voting power
  • Participants/judges in live class can only vote 2times
  • Watch out every day for more surprises, only for you
  • Invite all your friends to vote for you


  • 1 Winner only

Now learn it now and get ready on Saturday. Play the music below.


What are you waiting for? Get ready and be the STAR!

Mega Steem Star shooting star.jpg

Take part! Come join us now! Discord channel https://discord.gg/ZWpsvej

Watch SteemSchools Logo.gif

Last week winner is @yetxuni Congratulations

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