Kings of Steem: Debate Between @timcliff and @sircork NEXT WEEK

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"Kings of Steem" Debate will be NEXT WEEK. June 13th!

The DEAR LITTLESCRIBE Show presents @timcliff and @sircork, steemit witnesses debating LIVE next week, on Wednesday June 13th. Find out what these two agree on and heartily disagree on.

  • What can be done to improve the platform for the future?
  • How should we set up the voting algorithm?
  • What should the pricefeed be for STEEM?
  • And more!
  • Scroll down for details on the live stream

The schedule for June is mostly in stone, but is subject to change. So be sure to watch for updates.

Today 6/6/18


  • This witness has climbed the ranks at phenomenal speed, from 0 to 60 in less than 8 months. Originally from Australia, he has traveled and lived all over the world. He believes he has finally found his home with steemit. His wife and kids support his sincere and dedicated endeavors to make this platform a better place. Find out what he has in store!


  • Top 40 Witness, founder of @steamcleaners, @spaminator, and @broombot, former truck driver, home improvement diva, and mother! This woman is unbelievable. Her tenacity and great ideas have made this platform already a better place, as she cleans up the spam and motivates users to produce proper content. Be sure you know who you are voting for when you vote for your witnesses. This gal is on your side.

Wednesday 6/13/18:

@timcliff v. @sircork

  • "Kings of Steem" Live Debate between two of the most knowledgeable, passionate witnesses on the platform.


  • Get to know a top 10 witness on steemit and his ideas to help open up the lines of communication between deep-pocket share holders and...the rest of us.

Wednesday 6/20/18:



  • Find out who is behind door #1! This witness is actually a duo. They are responsible for the success of, running scripts for successful curation of MSP, and investing in fully 5 nodes (3 witness servers, a seed node, and an rpc node)! All of which bring better accuracy, speed, and reliability to the blockchain.

Wednesday 6/27/18:


  • The sweetheart of steemit, @coruscate brings charm, grace, generosity, elegance, fun, and wit to the platform! I can't wait to interview this darling dearest. She's smart, funny, and driven. We have a lot to learn from her success story.


  • Life (slash) energy coach. How do you know if someone is keeping a secret, and what do you do about it???

Wednesday July 4th

  • Independence Day here in the U.S. No show for today

Wednesday July 11th

April Meservy

  • Singer/songwriter, and old college buddy. Her cover of "With or Without You" was played at this years' Olympics in Korea during an ice skating event. Give a listen!

Past Interviews

5/30/18@timcliff and @bethalea
5/23/18 @mistermercury and @darrenclaxton

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That is quite the line up!
I will try to join in tomorrow... er ,I mean today.


Ha ha ha! I always love your comments. You seriously win the comment award. I'm gunna have to figure something out there.

The debate will be next week. Today we're having @patrice -- the woman behind @steemcleaners, @broombot, and @spaminator. She's pretty rockin. We'll also have @jackmiller on as well, and he's one of those stealthy witnesses that knows his stuff and is sneaking up pretty fast.

P.S. I freaking LOVE Bob Ross. I mean, who doesn't, right? I have his t-shirt. I used to sit and watch him when I was a kid. So much so that when they put his reruns on Netflix, I about lost it. And as it happens, it was during a time where I was having trouble falling his soothing voice and gentle painting strokes came at an opportune see where this is going...

I have no idea who these guys are but i had extra votes 😘


@timcliff is Witness #4 out of 135 witnesses. He's one of the top 20 who makes decisions for the platform and keeps it running every day. He is also a large shareholder (whale) in the company and is, for all intents and purposes, a King of Steem. He recently retired from his day job in management for a medium-large sized tech company so he could devote more time to steemit. One of his recent projects is developing code for a hard fork (which is another way of saying he wants to introduce new ideas to the owners of the company and push to have it implemented to make the platform a better place. As a top shareholder, and ample experience in coding, he believes he has influence to do so, and thinks hard forks should not just be up to the core steemit development team anymore, but that people like him should be allowed to propose ideas as well).

@sircork is also a witness. He has helped to make MSP Waves (a steemit broadcasting service) what it is today. Although he no longer works for that organization, he is constantly doing things to not only strengthen the platform (he donates SP to good causes, he has a charity based in steem, and he curates and supports other minnows), he also is a rabble rouser. He has a big mouth, and everyone knows it. He likes to call out higher ups when he thinks they're either taking advantage of the system or not doing what he believes they should be to make this economy healthier. This includes everyone in the top 20. They know he feels this way. And this is why the debate should be very interesting. He's very knowledgeable on blockchain technology and has no problem holding his own. He is a leader in ideology and a major influence in how the masses are beginning to question how things are being run. He is also, for all intents and purposes, a King of Steem.

So we'll have debates among top witnesses in the future, and the title of the segment indicates as such. It should be very educational for you. Some of it may be over your head, and that's completely OK. The main thing is you'll get to hear what makes this place tick. It should be a very important debate as they disagree on some important things, and this is unprecedented in approach as it is live.

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I will try to be there as audience


yidneth!! So good to see you! Hopefully you will be able to make it. Should be a great show!


I still need to present myself at the discord... I'll try to find my way. Thank you!


Let me know if you need anything! Here's the link to my channel:

nice Picture