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RE: SteemSQL is moving to a monthly subscription model

in #steemsql2 years ago

Hi - thanks - NB just for the record, my donation was one of those tiny ones, but I haven't actually accessed the database yet (well except for one test run when I just cut and past some of your code from one of your tutorials): I just wanted to make a small gesture of my appreciation (also I'm one of those people who would defo benefit from the 'minnow plan' mentioned below - just the phrase made that worth an upvote).

I'm intending to use it a lot from summer once I've quit my current job and actually have time to get stuck into data analysis proper.

Anyway, I'll still continue to make small donations once a month, I do know how much work goes into maintaining these things. I think it's a very reasonable price as people do very nicely out of those data analysis posts!



@revisesociology, thanks for your donations.
It's each time really appreciated, even if tiny ones!