SteemSQL - Update 15 - Witnesses snapshots

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SteemSQL is a public MS-SQL database with all the blockchain data in it.

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A few days ago, I announced the availability of the Witnesses table in the SteemSQL database.

The Witnesses table is a non-transactional table which contains a list of all witnesses and related information.

But what about having a full history about witnesses, how they moved in the ranking, when they missed block, how they published pricefeed, when and how long did they deactivated their witness node, ... ?

To be able to answer all those questions, I added the SSWitnesses table to SteemSQL. This table contains a daily snapshot of the most interesting values from the Witnesses table.

Each snapshot is taken every day at 23:59:59 UTC.

SSWitnesses table description

The table contains the following columns:

dateThe date at which the snapshot has been taken
nameaccount name of the witness
votes_countnumber of votes the witness received
urlThe URL of the witness presentation post
votesTotal amount of VEST from voters
total_missedNumber of blocks missed
last_confirmed_block_numBlock number of the last block signed by the witness
signing_keyCurrent signing key use by the Witness. A value of STM1111111111111111111111111111111114T1Anm means the witness was deactivated
account_creation_feeProposed cost for the creation of a new account
maximum_block_sizeProposed maximum block size
sbd_interest_rateProposed interest rate to rewards users holding SBD
sbd_exchange_rate_baseProposed cost in SBD to buy 1 STEEM
sbd_exchange_rate_quoteProposed value for the ratio between SBD and STEEM for rewards
last_sbd_exchange_updateLast time the witness updated its pricefeed
running_versionCurrent version of the witness node
hardfork_version_voteCurrent version of the hardfork supported by the witness
hardfork_time_voteTime of vote from the witness for the latest supported hardfork

Here an updated diagram of the database:

Visit SteemSQL website for more information.

Thanks for reading.

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SQL is a standard language for storing, manipulating and retrieving data in databases. And your work is well.

I wanna know that why the don't use Mongo Database?

Because MS-SQL offers features not available with MongoDB

True but,
At present all big big company use MongoDB,
Exmp: Facebook

Facebook (And any other company worth their salt) uses MongoDB where it's a good fit, and Postgres/MySQL/OracleDB where they're a good fit.

Steemdata is a mongodb database, however, it's no-where near as flexible as a standard SQL database for this kind of thing.

Just what I needed to see. Thanks for this update

Wow wow wow, nice post brilliant idea and so cool. Keep the good work flowing

This is fantastic.

Is there a way we could explain all of this in far more simpler language for lay men on Steemit?

I think the message would sink faster, deeper and longer that way.

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