STEEMSQL - Update 14 - Witnesses table available

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SteemSQL is a public MS-SQL database with all the blockchain data in it.

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What's new

A new Witnesses table has been added to the database.

The Witnesses table is a non-transactional table which contains a list of all witnesses and related information. The table content is updated every witness round (i.e. every 63 seconds as there are 21 witnesses producing a block every 3 seconds in each round)

This table will allow my friend @drakos to directly grab all data required for his witness page from SteemSQL. I guess many other SteemSQL’s users will find useful to have the information about witnesses at hand rather than to crawl the blockchain to get it.

Witnesses table description

The table contains the following columns:

nameAccount name of the witness
votes_countNumber of votes the witness received
urlThe URL of the witness presentation post
votesTotal amount of VEST from voters
total_missedNumber of blocks missed
last_aslotThis value indicate when the witness was last scheduled for block production
last_confirmed_block_numBlock number of the last block signed by the witness
signing_keyCurrent signing key use by the Witness. A value of STM1111111111111111111111111111111114T1Anm means the witness has been deactivated and will no more be scheduled for block production
account_creation_feeProposed cost for the creation of a new account
maximum_block_sizeProposed maximum block size. The greater, the more information and transactions the blockchain can store in each block
sbd_interest_rateProposed interest rate to rewards users holding SBD
sbd_exchange_rate_baseProposed cost in SBD to buy 1 STEEM
sbd_exchange_rate_quoteProposed value for the ratio between SBD and STEEM for rewards
last_sbd_exchange_updateLast time the witness updated its pricefeed
running_versionCurrent version of the witness node
hardfork_version_voteCurrent version of the hardfork supported by the witness
hardfork_time_voteTime of vote from the witness for the latest supported hardfork

Here an updated diagram of the database:

Visit website for more information.

Thanks for reading.

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It's jsut a little expensive for me.

It's great that you are sharing this info... I will look into SQL DB.

Impressive work

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This one is interesting @arcange. Keep sharing & steeming. God bless!
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