STEEMSQL - Update 11

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SteemSQL is a public MS-SQL database with all the blockchain data in it.

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TxCustomsFollows and TxCustomsReblogs deprecated

In the previous update post, I informed you about the creation of two new tables containing information about followers and Resteem of the posts.

Therefore, the TxCustomsFollows and TxCustomsReblogs views, used previously to easily find this information, are now obsolete and should no more be used. These views provides lower performance because they still relies on the JSON parser.

From Friday 5 October at 23:59 UTC time, the views TxCustomsFollows and TxCustomsReblogs will no longer be available

If your process is still based on these views, I invite you to adapt them as soon as possible to avoid any problem.

Thanks for reading.

All payout from this post will be dedicated to keep SteemSQL running.
Thanks for your support.

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I just posted about how I used your SteemSQL to create a list of the top 100 rising stars to display on Thanks for all the help!

@arcange . The Unfollow report I produced, relied solely on TXCustomsfollows.
using a query as below

select top 10 follower as Username, count(*) as Unfollows from txcustomsfollows where what = '[]' and left(timestamp,11) = 'Jun 27 2017' group by follower order by Unfollows desc

Any suggestion on how would I be able to get this info from the current schema.

This is a great service, thanks @arcange


Glad you appreciate it =)

Have not migrated but looks like it's going to be easier.
Excellent work.

Thanks for your work!

The creation script... Is it public? That other developer can build their own DB? then you could spread the load a bit to other developers ☺️

Thank you for this service. upvoted and re-steemed.

fantastic, thanks for the updates