SteemSQL - New DynamicGlobalProperties table

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New table added to the database

To simplify the work of SteemSQL users, we added a new table in the database that contains the data returned by the get_dynamic_global_properties API. This API call is used to get the state of the Steem blockchain and its global parameters.

The new table will allow SteemSQL users to optimize their processes and avoid some local processing after retrieving the data they are interested in.

In addition to the fields from the blockchain, we have added some automatically calculated fields.

This is the case of the steem_per_vest column which makes it easy to convert the values expressed in VESTS to their equivalent in STEEM or SP.

Update frequency

The DynamicGlobalProperties table is updated each time SteemSQL start processing new blocks. This means that its data will be updated every 3 seconds. But this value can increase if SteemSQL is a little behind the blockchain and must process several blocks at once.

New database diagram

Here an updated diagram of the database:

For more information, visit SteemSQL website for more information.

A complete list of SteemSQL updates is available here

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